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I was just browsing Cedar Point's park map and it got me thinking about all of CF's park maps. Now I've always liked CP's maps and have watched that artistic style used at the rest of the parks that CF owned, with MIA getting the latest map overhaul a couple years ago.

I went looking around at the Paramount Parks maps (I never liked their maps as much) and they have been changed ever so slightly. The CF ride font is used on all the main attractions now and the park's new logos are used on the maps. So I was just wondering everyone's thoughts on the maps, you think they'll all become the standard form or not.

KI doesn't have a new map online, despite already being open (I'd be curious to know what they're handing out at the front gate). Carowinds, KD, GA all have their old Paramount maps with the changed font and the Canada's Wonderland map just confuses me because that style map looks like it's from SF in the early 90's. Oh well.

Also wondering what everyone's take on the new logos are. In the new maps, KD, Carowinds, CW, WOF all have the new 'corporate look' whereas CP & GA have personalized logos. Don't know what the parks that haven't had maps put online yet, DP, VF, KI, MIA, GL, will have.

Here's some links.

Cedar Point
Kings Dominion
Great America
Canda's Wonderland
Worlds of Fun

And just for comparison:
Old Kings Island Map
Old Dorney Park Map


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I've been very surprised about how slow new park maps have been coming out this year. I can't say that I've ever paid attention to this before, so I don't know if this is something new.
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Kings Island is indeed using the same artwork as last season, of course with the Cedar Fair font and annotation on this year's map. They must still be using the same map company that they did last year, for all 5 of the former Paramount Parks (KI, Carowinds and GA used Citigraph). Of course, Firehawk was added and Son of Beast was revised.

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I was at KI on opening weekend and they are handing out new park guides. The map shows SOB w/o the loop and Firehawk is on the map too. In regards to other changes, I've never looked at KI's enough to notice any other differences.

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