Cedar Fair opposes 49ers stadium project near Great America

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In a significant hurdle to bringing the NFL to the South Bay, the Ohio-based company that controls the San Francisco 49ers' proposed stadium site in Santa Clara said Friday that it opposes the project - at least for now. Cedar Fair Entertainment has been in talks with the 49ers since before the team announced plans in November to build a 68,500-seat stadium adjacent to Great America. But based on the "limited information" the 49ers have provided, CEO Dick Kinzel recently concluded the stadium could damage the amusement park because of the loss of parking, traffic issues and, during construction, the impact of noise and dust, and inconvenience for Great America patrons, a spokeswoman said.

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Just give them a share in the profits and build a parking deck - then everyone will be happy. :)
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Good! Way to go Dick! That area is already riddled with traffic problems from Intel and Sun workers. There is tons of land in Daly City / San Bruno / Millbrae, why don't they build there?
I guess we'll find out if Cedar Fair has the same 'juice' as Disney.
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It's interesting that a year and a half ago, these were not the kinds of things that I ever imagined Cedar Fair would need to worry about.
If I remember correctly Cedar Fair doesn't owe the parking lot, it is owned by Santa Clara. I don't think they have "Disney" juice.

Though I must add, I was at Great America this past weekend, and Cedar Fair is doing a great job with the park. I don't think I've ever seen that much staff at Great America before. The best part all the rides where running with multiple trains so even Top Gun didn't have that long of a wait.

^ I was thinking the same thing Jeff.


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Reliant Stadium ring a bell? I know I don't want a major sports franchise sitting on top of MY park...and that's just AFTER the construction is finished.
They will end up having the same problems Six Flags Astroworld had with the stadium across from them.
Maybe if CF is worried about parking around Great America, they can always remove a lot or two from GL. It's not like they need all that space.
(sarcasm off)

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