Cedar Fair Maxx Pass At PKI

I don't know how many of you have seen this or not but PKI now has a Cedar Fair Maxx Pass good for the rest of 2006 at PKI. It is also good for all of 2007 at ALL Cedar Fair parks.

If SOB was open, I would have 2 reasons to get down there before the end of the season. ;) *** Edited 9/18/2006 3:27:30 PM UTC by Marky Mark***

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I received my PKI Maxx Pass ticket in the mail yesterday. I'll head down there in a couple of weeks for processing and to enjoy the park for the third time this year.

I did not do all the research on this, but it appears PKI is the only park(close to me) that allows you to use the 2007 pass this year. That's why I bought mine with PKI.

I did notice if you buy your Cedar Point pass, you get the free Joe Cool club membership.

There is an active topic on this here:


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