Cedar Fair likely to abandon Star Trek Experience at Las Vegas Hilton

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The lease on the biggest nerd magnet since the International Consumer Electronics Show expires at the end of the year, and a spokesperson for owners Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. told the Web site TrekMovie.com "there are currently no plans to renew" it.

If Cedar Fair were to beam Experience out of the Hilton, it could mark the demise of a 10-year run that has made Las Vegas the center of the universe for fans of the seminal science fiction franchise.

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There's a shocker. :)


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They bought it to close it! Wait, that's a different conspiracy.
I Like the Star Trek Experience. However, the show is dead and attendance in LV is shrinking. It's a good time for the Hillton to consider doing something new with the space.
Never seen it, can this attraction be moved to a park?
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I am glad I went and did this. It was quite an awesome experience. However it's time may have come and passed already. If you havent done this and are going to Vegas don't miss it. You wont regret going.
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I saw it shortly after it first opened and was impressed...it was definitely one of the better simulations at the time and I was disappointed we didn't get enough time in line to see all of the museum artifacts.

But I have to agree that it's time has passed.

Like Walk, I'm curious if it could be moved to another exisitng property. I was thinking making it a new attraction on Knott's property. Keep it a seperate gate and have it connected to the marketplace. The close proximity to Disneyland and other tourist sites would help and if this Star Trek convention were to follow the Experience it could be held at the Knott's hotel. I haven't been to either property so I have no idea if it's feasible.*** This post was edited by WOF Guy 5/15/2008 12:54:56 PM ***
It is actually remarkably portable I would suspect. The part that would be missing is Quark's Bar and the musuem. I don't think CF would put the effort into the theme if they were to move it to another property. It would be nice to see a proper Trek attraction at a theme park.
Of course the easiest thing to do is for another company or the Hilton itself to step up and take over the lease/operation contract.
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The real issue is likely the fact that it's a Paramount attraction and they've already gotten rid of everything else Paramount. It would probably have been gone already if it weren't for the lease.
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Perhaps it simply isn't profitable. Vegas real estate is not cheap.
Well the Star Trek rights are also up for renewal, right? Just as they removed the Borg theme from Carowinds, I am sure if they moved it, we would be looking at a space themed Haunt maze (like save and re use the corridors, etc.) but no year round attraction.

Still, the idea to move it to KBF is a good one. Isn't Kinzel's son in law the manager of Star Trek in Vegas? Wonder where he'd be moving to then?

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From what I understand, where ever he can cause the least damage.
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UGH...there goes Hilton's charm and atmosphere!
The GM is, I believe, Dick's 2nd eldest son. I suspect he will be heading back to the more protective confines of Ohio.

But, for what it is worth, I don't think the GM, regardless of who he is/was has anything to do with Cedar Fair getting out of Vegas.

Got back from KBF last night....and they got new bags that include a map of all the properties (same as on cedarfair.com.) But there is one notable difference: the removals of ST:TE and Gilroy Gardens. Now GG makes sense as they only manage it, but perhaps they are pretty sure what the plans for Star Trek are?

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