Cedar Fair leadership changes

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Tekwardo said:
What elephant, Bart?

His name was Stampy. You loved him.

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Wow. Great reference!


wahoo skipper said:
I was referring to Bart. Dick is the albatross. Or, maybe he is more like the tortoise slowly leaving the room.

Or a swallow carrying a coconut.

African or European variety?

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But how would it grip it in the first place?

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I think a better question is, "What is the air-speed velocity as it leaves the room?"

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Wait a minute. Supposing two swallows carried it together?

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Is Bart a dick?

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Anyone hear who the new GM at Valleyfair is? Wondering if Ouimet brought someone in from the outside or if it's from within CF. Can't imagne too many Disney-type people get that excited to run a seasonal, second-smallest park in the chain, in Minnesota.

I want to believe there was someone at the park prepared to take the next step, but you never know. To be fair, Minnesota, and the Twin Cities in particular, isn't a bad place to raise a family if you don't mind the cold.

I have observed some interesting changes in CF's marketing staff in the past month.

John Pagel is no longer working at KD as public relations manager. He is now promotions manager for Herschend at Elitch Gardens.

Charles Hutchison is no longer PR manager for DP. He is now digital marketing manager for Cedar Point.

Nick Guevel is no longer director of marketing for WOF. He is now working for Herschend in Branson.

John Taylor is no longer director of marketing for Carowinds. He is now director of marketing for Kings Dominion.

Any insight to these changes?

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The people leaving the company did so by choice, prior to what seems to be a "review" in the ranks where people were let go. I can say at least two of those had to do with people wanting to move closer to "home."

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