Cedar Fair (lack of) creativity strikes again!

VF does NOT have any ride or attraction that ends in '-Hawk.' I, for one, will go Batwing SFA until that's resolved.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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Need to correct myself (hey, for once *I* get to catch my mistake, LOL). The horrendous ride at SFNE, aka "The Panini Press", is called NightWING, not NightHAWK. Funny to me because I didn't get to ride in either of my first two visits, and I was SO looking forward to trying something I'd never ridden before....the embodiment of anticipointment.

About the -Hawk idea....have to snicker at how Timberhawk *was* a SF ride. That's one hawk CF won't be flying...

Flight Deck? Sometimes I wonder if CF purposely does this so we can laugh at them. What the hell are the thinking? No matter how you say it it sounds bad.
But the only place they changed the name was in the title of the article. "Top Gun" is still mentioned 4 times in the description of the ride.

Deck sounds so... sedentary. One step above "Landing Pad."

If CF wants want to add to their inventory of "hawk" names, they should check out this list.


Goshawk, osprey, harrier... all sound like cool names for coasters.

Like said above, I cannot believe someone actually gets paid to think of names like this.

It seems like Cedar Fair has a departement dedicated to destroying park integrity. The goal is to make everything as generic as possible. Look for mass tree removal next, that seems to be the "theme" of the flagship park.

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I especially like how the blurb still refers to the coaster as top gun (in all caps, no less).

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highlo said:
Flight Deck? Sometimes I wonder if CF purposely does this so we can laugh at them. What the hell are the thinking? No matter how you say it it sounds bad.

I laugh at what a big deal you make out of something so stupid!


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I personally thought CF was gonna rebrand Top Gun as Patriot. I just seem logical to me on Carowinds Top Gun.

Chris Knight

They should change Top Gun to a TomaHawk theme.

Timbers crew 08

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While I love Mike Patton, Tomahawk is one of the worst bands EVER!!!

Great idea renaming Top Gun to Patriot!

"Hey! Let's ride Flight Deck next!"...Whatever.

"Hey! That coaster looks like fun. Let's go ride it! What's it called? Flight Deck?! What a stupid name! Forget that coaster, let's go ride something else."

Yeah, it happens every day. Thousands of people walk away from rides with "boring" or "creatively lacking" names.

I'm sure everyone complaining will just walk right past these rides to something that sounds more "exciting".



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LOL tambo.

Top Gun was by far my favorite coaster at Carowinds and my favorite "non-batman" inverted. That batwing element with the tunnel is sweet!

Flight Deck, on the other hand, is going to suck big time. The next time I get to Carowinds there's no way I'm going to ride that! ICK!

^I thought you guys were kidding about "Flight Deck", uhg thats horrible, they could have just kept "The Jet Coaster" and it would have been better then that, or even just the word "Flight", anything. What about Jet Force, it would have fit in as a ____ force name, kept some of the original name, retains that cheesiness of CF but isn't as horrible as Flight Deck. That makes me think I'm going to be sitting on out-door furniture next to a tiki light or something. Deck: The Ride? *** Edited 1/5/2008 5:22:41 PM UTC by P18***
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You guys are right in your point that the ride will still be fun, but the ride EXPERIENCE will have changed for the worse. The name is more important than some of you are willing to admit though.

No one's saying that they'll have to skip a ride on it now. They are complaining that the name of the ride lacks quality and creativity, which reflects poorly on the park as a whole. It sounds a lot less exciting now. There are a boatload (get it...hahaha) of better names they could have used. The T-Shirt may read, "I survived Flight Deck!" It sounds ridiculous.

Most suggestions of different names sound much better to me. Was Flight Deck the best they could do?

I am more upset though that the worlds only coaster themed to Star Trek will be no more. The Borg theme ruled!

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I don't think the ride experience, or anything about the ride itself other than the name, will have changed for the worse. The ride name sucks, and it made me laugh, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter at all, or affect me in the least.

Funny thing is, I never thought 'Top Gun: The Jet Coaster' was such a wonderful name in the first place. Maybe a step or two above 'Flight Deck'.

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Too bad they couldn't just go back to the Godzilla idea.
The should have painted it and changed the name to something different then planes. Change it to yellow and black and call it Yellow Jacket, or Circe

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...but the ride EXPERIENCE will have changed for the worse.

Wrong. Nothing has changed about the coaster's layout. No trims have been added. The trains are the same. The experience is identical from lift to brakes...where, by the way, there was ZERO theming anyway.

Then why even try to give it a "jet theme"? Go with something completely different

Heck, why don't they resurrect the old "Stealth" name?

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