Cedar Fair FUNforward Presentation

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This kinda slipped under the radar around here. Lots of really good stuff. You can download the PDF of presentation materials here.

News Plus Notes did a really great summary article that's totally worth the quick read.

Tons of info - revenue graphs broken down by park, info on Fast Lane's success, food improvements and an all new ad campaign.

Looks like the positive change the company has been in need of for a while now.

Other than Bart Kinzel's name on one of the slides...there was nothing in these slides that would make you think of past leadership. Talk about turning a corner.

Happy to see an acknowledgment of the employee early in the presentation with regards to "Employer of Choice". "Respect, Value and Appreciate our Employees." I think Dick paid lip service to that over the years (and perhaps he might have been slightly more supporting of Full Time employees than others) but I am hopeful this is genuine.

And...Ouimet can show that by taking immediate action with regards to the employee housing areas. I've heard that this was one of the most startling things he came across and I hope that is true.

Also happy to see reference to upgrading the resort experience. Perhaps this means we might be nearing the end of the BonAir section of Hotel Breakers. I think the resort staff has done everything they can to make that particular building livable but it isn't sustainable and it is time to say goodbye to the structure built in '26.

All good talk...ready for some action.

I'm liking the new "Thrills Connect" marketing campaign from the three ads in the presentation.

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The focus on improving the quality of food served at the parks is my favorite part of all this. Ouimet gets that it doesn't make sense to chase your customers out of the parks to find decent food.

I'm sheriff of this here rollercoaster.

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I'm a fan of the new ads too. While we've had hints that Cedar Point is going to become more family-oriented, these ads kind of bridge the gap until new attractions can be built: The message I get is a) thrill rides aren't just for teens, and b) simply spending time at the park with your family is enough to make magic moments. We already know CP has lots of rides; this goes after the human/emotional element.

I'm excited to see some positive changes coming to my home park, and the chain in general. At the very least, Ouimet seems to be saying the right things -- which is already a big step up from DK (e.g. "fresh never frozen beef" vs. "people gotta eat"). This season will be a good test to see if he follows through or at least lays the groundwork for following through.

Cedar Fair owns excess land at several of its properties, but do not expect hotels to be built anytime soon.

:) This could be trouble...

"Fast Lane to be launched in all parks"
Sorry guys, flood gates are open

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I'm glad they're finally doing that. May use it at KD and KI.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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I can't wait to abuse it! Who wants to wait in line with all the poor people who stink of sweat and have bad breath? Not me. I'll make sure to loudly flaunt it while I pass them up too, losers.

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Me too, except I'm serious. ;)


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Yet...there's a winky. My mind is blown.

I'll make sure to loudly flaunt it while I pass them up too, losers.

I think they should charge a premium on top of the premium to allow "abuse rights." Maybe they could have those in the stand-by line serve cool drinks for the premium guests...? Or maybe the stand-by folks could rickshaw the premium guest to the front of the line...?

The only thing better than cutting to the front, is cutting and flaunting. There should be a seperate fee for both.

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Because the point of cutting isn't to save time or get more rides, it's so other people see you cutting in line.

How else are they going to know you're a better person?

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Isn't that why people on cell phones wave in the background from premium seats during baseball games? :)

Walt Schmidt - Co-Publisher, PointBuzz

I am seriously going to opine that the "good feeling" (endorphins?)I get from skipping the line is often better than the ride itself. Especially the 9th or 10th time I ride it! :)

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There's no better feeling than passing the 2 hour wait for Space Mountain using fast pass.

Cedar Point will always be The Roller Coaster Capital of the World, regardless of the number of coasters they have.

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I thought the point of Flash Pass was so you could break the no-line-jumping rule and get away with it. How much can I pay to walk around shirtless while smoking? :)

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^LOL - I won't go anyplace that requires me to wear a shirt!

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kpjb said:
Me too, except I'm serious. ;)

I'm very serious. Who wants to wait around in the same line all the normal people stand in? Not me. They get in my way. I'm not a "people person" when I am sightseeing away from home.

I can't wait for all the CF parks to offer this to people like me. Then a visit to the parks will not be so annoying.

They should have separate parking lots and entrances so the Fast Pass folks do not need to get too close to the peasants.

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