Cedar Fair Coaster Trip

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Yeah weekdays at Carowinds are pretty light compared to a lot of parks.

Dorney is a four hour park at best.

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Congrats on the anniversary. That is quite an awesome schedule that you got for yourself. I think you spaced it perfectly hitting the bigger parks during the mid weeks. The only thing I would have done different is hit CP first and last if I was driving down from Michigan. That Michigan to Kings Island trip was probably pretty grueling.

Make sure to check which park has early entry for platinum pass holders and what rides are open. The last time i was at kd they had intimidator 305 open for early entry. Dorney park should be easy as everyone goes into the waterpark, so the rides are usually walkons.be sure to hit volcano first thing as that line can get big fast.The main coasters at carowinds are intimidator and afterburn.

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ApolloAndy said:

rollergator said:

Grizzly, at night. That is all.

Um...that's what he said?

Fixed it for ya...

Sounds like an awesome trip. Curious... when do you plan to sleep?

Haha, we have reservations for campgrounds at KI and KD, and hotels for the other nights. The great thing about them all is that they are all very close to the parks so we don't have a ton of travel time between the parks and the hotels/campgrounds.

But yes, by the end of it, I expect to be tired. Thoroughly thrilled, but tired.

Also, we've added a couple more stops to our trip. Before we reach Carowinds, we plan on detouring to the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster in Pigeon Forge. My wife actually "found" it, and I'm very excited for it.

We'll also be going to Knoebel's before heading to Cedar Point on Monday. I figured it only adds about 5 miles to our overall mileage and we get to add some legendary coasters to the trip. I'm very excited for that part of the trip now, actually.

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