Cedar Fair CEO's in transition

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In his six years at the helm of Cedar Fair, outgoing CEO Matt Ouimet has overseen the development of record-breaking roller coasters and record-breaking revenue. But ask him about his tenure and he doesn't mention rides or money.

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I really enjoyed reading this yesterday morning. It really shows how far Cedar Fair has come under Matt Ouimet and how much he "gets it" in so many ways his predecessor never did. I see Richard Zimmerman having a similar leadership style with similar priorities, which can mean nothing but more great things for the chain.

On another note, Winterfest at CP just doesn't appeal to me. That wind off the lake has the potential to be brutal, I know what it was like at Winter Chill Out this year. The other parks already have shown this isn't really going to be an event centered around rides, which is such a draw at CP. But it primarily comes down to weather for me. Even with a limited family friendly ride lineup, I'd be happy to walk through the front half of the park, see some holiday lights, have a hot cocoa and ride Blue Streak and Cedar Downs if December in Sandusky was the same as December in Charlotte or even Mason, OH. But it's not.

I forget the year, but it was tried there. Once.
I guess it goes down as one of CP’s biggest fails ever.
There was hot chocolate, maybe a show, and wagon rides around the front of the park in and around roller coasters that were lit somehow.
The weather sucked and nobody with any sense went to it.

If we could reliably predict that brief January thaw Ohio usually gets and plan winterfest then it could be awesome but I don't see that happening. Weather here is so unpredictable if we had weather like last year or the year before it could be good. Weather like the two or three winters before I wouldn't even think of setting foot out of the house for it. It would be risky but if it was included in my pass I might attempt it.

Another decade or two of climate change and they will need to run cooling fans for Winterfest at CP. :)

It seems these days around here the good lord forgets about the seasons in Ohio, until one day he remembers and runs for the light switch. He had that dimmer installed and everything. Never gets to use it...

So true to form, in one day, Monday, we went from previously mild/hot temps to cold, drizzly, and crappy. I can’t seem to remember being at Holiday World this past Saturday in summer clothes.

I wonder if 70 thou will show up at CP this Saturday. Doubt it.
They’ll probably cut employees.

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Interesting bit about the fast pass offsetting the cost of Steel Vengeance.

The best of all the jokers is clearly Mark Hamill.

Just like the coke or chicken tenders that people bought helped pay for it. Anything that makes the park money helps to pay for new stuff. I took this to be a way for the park to put a positive spin on fast pass. A nicer way to say "See poor people - the rich people are paying to cut ahead of you in line but you get to reap the reward of a new coaster that they paid for!"

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