Cedar Fair being unfair to those who need eyeglasses?

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Back before new materials made my glasses much lighter, I lost mine on Autopia at Disneyland. Yes, I bumped the car in front of me. But it was at the bottom of a hill and near impossible to stop. No fun.

But now they aren't going anywhere. I'm sure it helps that I have a big melon. But man, I HATE riding coasters without my glasses. Totally blows the experience.

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I dont even need glasses, but I can not stand the glare at most theme parks especially CP (yes, yes bring up the concrete jokes, but I actually think its more due to the lake.) Thats why if its summer during the day youll find me in some cheapo sunglasses with straps attached, because vision comes before style in my book.

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Touchdown - Monty was just blowing smoke! That issue was brought up at the Q&A last year and they didn't have any real answer to it then. So don't believe for a second that he "just found out about it"

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