Cedar Fair attendance up for August

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Cedar Fair said today in a press release that their overall attendance for August was up 4% across the entire chain, and up 3% if you exclude the new acquisitions of Michigan's Adventure and Knott's Soak City.

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Take good notes Six Flags. If you do things the right way, and make a few positive changes, that could be your name in the title.

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Mike "Viper" Semtak

Hurrah! A new coaster for Valley Fair.
Cedar Fair knows what they are doing. They don't spend too much and then have to raise their prices that much(Like $10 for parking). This just goes to show that if you do things right good things will happen.

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I wouldn't be surprised if parking cost $10 at CP next year. 2003 parking passes are 20% more than 2002 parking passes.

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I agree, but perhaps they kept stats and realized that they're giving away the passes too cheaply so instead of raising daily parking again, they'll just increase parking revenue by increasing the pass prices. I guess it's wishful thinking, but who knows. As a side note, CP was MOBBED on Sunday. Magnum had a 25 minute wait at closing time and it was over 30 minutes a half hour before closing.

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VF had surprisingly strong attendance this past Friday, when they're usually eclipsed by the Mn State Fair. I anticipate attendance will be flat to down by less than 1%......which ain't bad for two years without anything new but concession stands.


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