Cedar Fair attendance up 1% for June

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Cedar Fair, L.P. today reported that combined attendance at its twelve properties for the month of June increased 1% to 2.22 million guests from 2.20 million a year ago. Over the same period, average in-park guest per capita spending was up 2% and out-of park revenues, including resort hotels, were up 3%, or approximately $400,000. Dorney Park posted a massive boost while Geauga Lake struggled before the new water park opened.

Read the press release from Cedar Fair.

/wonders if Six Flags will still blame the weather even though Cedar Fair praised it....
Nah, I think Six Flags will try another avenue this year and simply blame Cedar Fair and Busch Tampa for taking their customers...lol
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Hmmm, it does not mention michigans adventure. I wonder how they are doing.
"“As weather has continued to improve over the past several weeks, attendance at most of our parks has begun to pick up,” said Dick Kinzel, chairman, president and chief executive officer."

...sounds like a round-about way of saying the weather caused some issues at some parks early in the in the season, no?

Wish I was at Geauga Lake before the waterpark opened to gauge attendance, for the sake of argument. In support of the press release I can say the waterpark does have the most concentration of people, in my opinion.

Here's hoping for a successful season at the park, business-wise.

Yeah, this year the park is doing much better than last year. and you gotta remember, the park is large, so with alot of people spread out, it looks like it's not that busy, when theres actually quite a few people there. This is why you know it's a damn good day when the midways are full everywhere, which has been the case over the last couple weekends.
Oh come on RollrCoastrCrazy, if you looked at the previous Cedar Fair information Coasterbuzz posted you will see that they blamed the weather as well so enough with the weather and Six Flags. Thats great news for the company anyway. Im still confused why even though Geauga Lake has great rides their attendance is still lacking. I guess their water park will make or break this amusement park.
I love how 1% can seem like so much. But I think Cedar Fair is doing a good job. Im interested to see what Six Flags reports for attendance. I havent even been to SFAW this year because I was low on funds and just didnt feel it was worth it since there isnt anything new.
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Geauga Lake does have great rides, and Cedar Fair paid practically nothing for them. Six Flags was stupid to build all of those rides with the intention of competing with Cedar Point. Geauga Lake's strength should be what it always has been: Water park included with admission and group sales. That's why the park has been around and co-existed with CP for decades. Trying to make it more than that was a bad idea.
CF's GLP still has a long way to go when it comes to quality and quantity of food for your money. They need to to hire a chef and dietician team to make that food worthy of buying. Waldameer & Kennywood put GLP's food service and quality to shame. I suppose that is why GLP gives you a vehicle-return coupon, so you can go elsewhere for something to eat? This on top of GLP's overpriced games of chance, which you can go into most discount stores and purchase a stuffed animal for less than the price of what the GLP game would run you.

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I guess I'm confused by the "Forward-looking" statements. So does that mean that Dorney Park really had an 11% increase, or is that what Cedar Fair is predicting for the season? Either way, it's good for them. My only fear if I were Cedar Fair is that people won't make return visits based on Hydra alone next year. It was getting a really lukewarm/non-impressed reception from the non-enthusiasts.
Man, you just can't give the food at GL a rest can you? your relentless I'll give you that, but to make their food out to be that bad is just absurd. Not everyone is so sensitive like you. Alot of us can eat whatever the hell we want, I and think GL has a rather good selection this year, along with an all new food website to help you find the stuff thats right for you. Quit bombing on their food man just cause your stomach is crap, geez.
Until they look into this issue, I'll keep bringing it up. There are many more that agree with me, and in time, since they claim they are the best amusement park chain, I'm only giving them fair criticism so they can look into it, and find a solution.
Re: Intamin Fan's question above:

Dorney achieved an 11% increase in this June's attendance, over the same month last year, so that statement has already occurred.

The "forward looking statement" clause is used because nearly every business extrapolates theories about future performance, based on current (and historical) results in financial performance press releases. Specifically, the forward looking statements contained in this release were:

“With the peak portion of our operating season and nearly 70% of our annual attendance still ahead of us, we remain hopeful that our combined 2005 attendance and revenue goals can still be achieved,” he said.

Kinzel concluded by noting that virtually all of Cedar Fair’s revenues from its seasonal amusement parks and water parks are realized during a 130-day operating period beginning in early May, with the major portion concentrated in the peak vacation months of July and August. Knott’s Berry Farm is open year-round but also operates at its highest level of attendance in the third quarter of the year.

It's pretty much a "CYA" statement provided to companies by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, that protects them from shareholder lawsuits if those "forward looking" statements fall short of expectations for a multitude of reasons...

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Many that agree with you, many that agree with me. I have yet to find this supposed nasty food you reffer to. I have never had a problem with food there. And neither have ALOT of others. Bring your own cooler with all your stomach easy food if you don't like it. Ever try their grilled chicken salad? Pretty good stuff there. It's at the harbor cafe'.
Last year was really bad for all the parks with the crazy freak weather like all those hurricanes and rain all over this country, but this has been a great summer so far for all the parks not just Cedar Fair. Six Flags in particular is doing rather well themselves and need not blame anything nor a different park for attendance.

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