Cedar Fair attendance makes gains at some parks, losses at others

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Cedar Fair announced that its attendance overall is still down on a per-park basis, but notes strong performance of Knott's Berry Farm and Dorney Park.

Read the official press release from Cedar Fair.

Seems to be the trend in the industry this year.  I hope it bounces back next year.  Actually, I hope the economy bounces back much sooner!
Lets see
People went to Dorney because of Talon.
People went to Knotts because they were pissed off with DCA
no suprises there
--Keepin it real....Yeah Real DUMB!
Knott's had some great discounts too, the Starbucks down the street had coupons to get in for $25, and my company up here in Nor Cal had coupons for $30, something DCA didn't have until recently.  They also allow guests to get in for like $15 after 5pm or something like that.  Plus Knott's is just better overall, one of my favorite parks actually.  I'm sure the discounts helped bolster attendance this year.  I'm just surprised that Knott's beat Cedar Point for attendance within the company. 
I like Knott's a whole lot better anyway because, like coaster guy said, they have great deals almost every day. Supermarkets and other companies have great deals to get in real cheap. (Anyone remember Ralph's 20$ for adult tix?) Anyways, I like the whole Knott's experience also because the park is real old.
Well, it's a slowish year for all, but we'll see what happens next year. I'm sure a lot of the people that chose not to visit this season will be making up for it. I know I will!

Po!nt of View: A different look at Roller Coasters.

I think it was a real smart move for CF to buy out KBF only because of the good revenue it brings to the company.
hope they sink some money into MiA!
They will 200ft drop. Next year will see improvements and a few flat rides. But in the years to come just wait.
chill factor
Has anyone been to Valleyfair latley?  Due to the fact Power Tower was added in 2000 our attandance has been up. Our attandance in July & August can average around 18,900 on midnight closings mainly for Saturdays. We can fill the main lot and green acres lot down by the river up to capacity so far this year we havent filled field of dreams up by highway 101 were the highway gates are. So you can only imagine if we got an inverted coaster in 2002 a big one on what that will do for Valleyfair we may even get both green acres & field of dreams full to capacity. Just wait it will happen!

1)Millennium Force,(2)Raptor,(3)Shivering Timbers(4)V2 Vertical Velocity(5)Batman Knight Flight *** This post was edited by VIPER on 9/7/2001. ***

A little off subject, but there was a recent article in the Cincinnati Enquirer that dealt with Cincinnati tourism is down this year.  However, according  to the article, PKI`s attendance is up from this point last year.  The park is also above their attendance estimates for this year!
www.geocities.com/coastersrz I`ve ridden Son of Beast 54 times!
That is a cool announcement.
Knotts didn't even open anything new up yet this year, and stll the attendance does well!
Thats a good sign of things to come at the farm!
just wait til we give them a new reason to visit, then what will happen??

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As I have said before, Knott's has had a good attendance record, even before CF bought it out. Now that two new rides are coming to the farm, I think it will boost attendance even more. I've been on a Vertigo type ride and thought it was awesome. They plan to put smack in the middle of ghost town. Great place for it! The new ride that's going to replace the Windjammer (aka Headjammer) hasn't been revealed yet, but hopefully, it's going to be better than it's predecessor. I also think they should add more to the park, but that is up to them. Keep it up Cf!
Well,  this WAS the first year Perilous Plunge (opened last September) had been advertised, so 2001 was pretty much considered it's very first season. Although the ride never got many of its own TV ads, the combination of GhostRider, Supreme Scream, and the Plunge along with the catchy "Snoopy's Rockin' Summer" promotion allowed the park to remain the best it has always been in attendance figures.
Exactly, kRaXLeRidAh, those "Snoopy's Rockin' Summer" commercials played like crazy along with some other Knott's commercials that featured the latest 3 rides. This was indeed the first time Perilous Plunge was open at the beginning of summer making it new to many people. It's too bad it didn't make it all the way through the summer. This year, we will see the opening of VertiGo. It will be a great addition to the park, but will most likely not be advertised. Next year, the new coaster will arrive and I am sure TV ads will be on for it like crazy. If they manage to give Perilous Plunge some TV ads of its own, I'm sure attendance will keep up next year. Even without TV ads for Perilous Plunge, I'm sure the new coaster will draw in a lot of people. Things are looking great at the Farm and Knott's is definitely soaring to new heights!! Cedar Fair is doing a great job with the park!! *** This post was edited by DLJ2stay on 9/8/2001. ***

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