CCI announces Indiana Beach's next project

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As reported in our IAAPA coverage, Indiana Beach is getting another CCI treatment for 2002. The Superstition Mountain dark ride is scrapping the existing track and CCI is to install "The Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain" in the existing mountain. You can read their version of the story and see the proposed rendering of the ride at the official CCI site.

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It's hard to tell much from the drawing, but this may have something of a "scenic railway" feel.  And that lift looks interesting ... can anybody think of any other coasters with a comparable lifting system?  I'm reminded of those toboggan carnival rides, but this looks much more sophisticated.
The illustration looks great.  Should be more fun at one of the funnest parks in the world.
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Man, more and more good news as the offseason progresses.  CCI can not do wrong when it comes to Indiana Beach, so I can not wait to ride the new 'Mountain.
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CCI cannot do wrong at any park!  I was wondering the same thing blizzard, it looks like a vertical lift from the drawing.


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Yes, it's a vertical lift, and it's one of the many things they're doing in-house. CCI is drawing on a lot of different disciplines for this one, and it should be exciting to see what they come up with in the end.

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Will Jeff be taking his first trip to Indiana Beach this year?  :)

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