CBS Early Show airs Top Thrill Dragster segment

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If you're looking for a great summer activity, you might want to head to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, where the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster just opened. The Early Show sent its intrepid correspondent Melinda Murphy there to check it out. Our own coaster nerds Matt D. and Sean F. rave about the ride on national TV while the reporter experiences a rollback.

Read more from and see the video from CBS News.

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Way to go guys. We were well represented. :) Damn these reporters and their luck!

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The human body can stand a bit more!? From reading the reports on this thing I would be truly amazed.

Can't wait until next Friday and Saturday when i go to CP, I can say I'am very excited about going this year more than last.

Your Park only has 1 good coaster! That's too bad!

That is awesome I didnt realize sometimes it didnt make it over and had to go back and go again. That would be sooo awesome. They should make it do that on purpose... to give you and extra thrill. I have got to get to CP and ride this thing!!




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They should force rollbacks on slow days. :)

"It's not a Too-mah!" - Arnold after riding Batman the Ride

And boy does it suck the scream out of you!! Not only that your breath! Greatest ride ever... ^_^

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This is great, national T.V for the greatest thrill/theme park ever.


I think Paramount's Carowinds needs a top thrill dragster.....

This is easily the best segment I've seen on Dragster - excellent reporting and cool sound bites from enthusiastic riders/spectators. I felt so happy for that Matt fellow from Orlando, getting his first Cedar Point experience documented on national television... good for him!
It was cool getting filmed while at the park. I was VERY impressed with Cedar Point - much more so than my local parks, but it could be because I visit them all the time.

I still feel like an idiot when watching the clip. Especially when I said I'd been wanting to go to Cedar Point "all my life, for about 12 years.." - HELLO! All my life is a lot more than 12 years. Then when I got off my first front seat ride on Dragster they asked me more questions. I was too overwhelmed by the ride to concentrate on what they were asking. Now I'm gonna be known as the "wind in the eyeballs" guy to all my friends.

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Don't worry, Matt... you didn't come across as an "idiot". You just seemed very excited to be there is all. Your reaction to Dragster & your whole Cedar Point experience seemed very genuine and charming. If anything, it made you look better because it was an expression of true emotion, not some calculated "expert" statement made by enthusiast clamoring for attention. I'm glad you had a great time... It makes me all the more anxious for my visit to The Point next week.
This has to be the best coaster segment on a news channel yet. I appluad CBS on the fine reporting.

They even kept from segwaying into a "Coasters are Dangerous!" report.

Check out this awesome park!

Thanks for posting that Matt!

It was great hanging out with you and taking you around the park. As luck would have it, you got to see a bit of how busy CP gets with the media first hand.

Yea, they didn't show us riding but at least we got proof (check out Matt's info for the on ride photo)


Sean - I think your profile photo is a 'little' better - And you say I'm the Intamin whore!

It could have been worse for me on CBS, I suppose. I could have said something like "It was a gigantic ball of pleasure..."


I-4: The scariest ride in all of Orlando!

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^ lol!!!

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Monty's expression is priceless.
"Its only after you've lost everything that your free to do anything"
I love the roll back it was a great segment and we should all be proud. When are we gonna get a Coaster Enthusiasts Channel on our Television.
Heh, I should get at least one rollback this summer. I am going to my dads for about 2 months, and guess where he lives?!?!

Clue: Walking distance...

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