CB Fall Affair at Holiday World: September 27, 2008

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Mark your calendar... hope to see you there!

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Remember the cord for your mixer this time. :)

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Will do.

Jeff - Editor - CoasterBuzz.com - My Blog

I will be there for sure. Is attendance usually like last years?

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We just talked about this last night at a friend's house. We're in! With the timing of this event it will be a hell of a way to break-in the wife into coasters after baby #2 and a great way to break-in a sitter into watching two little ones.

~Rob Willi

You'll need to fit in a lot before #3. ;)
Here's a question for you ... which is preferred: A total of one hour of ERT if the group is fewer than 120 attendees--or an hour on Raven/Legend and an in-the-dark hour on Voyage, but with 120+?

Hypothetically speaking, of course... :)

Thanks for your feedback.


Paula Werne
Holiday World

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I can't miss this event again. I will do my utmost to be at Holiday World again.
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Well obviously, we need to get 120 butts in the park.

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I liked last years format.

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There's nothing like Voyage in the dark.

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One hour for all three coasters is enough for me.
Jamie and I are in, and we'll try to find some more people to come. I've been wanting to get her brother to a coaster event. He can see what real wooden coasters are like.

Jeff Young
If we have pizza, can we get a half hour or so on Gobblers Getaway to let the pizza settle before we hit the coasters?

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Oh darn I would love to join but as always, it falls on the Kansas Speedway race Sprint Cup Series Weekend. You know I can't miss that the same also applies for the 4th of July weekend as I'll also watch attending a Sprint Cup Series race in Daytona. I also hit the Orlando parks during the weeks around the Daytona race.

Maybe next year if you get this on a differnt date, or the Kansas Speedway race gets a new date.

Chris Knight

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