Castaway Bay

Friday, January 9, 2004 5:32 PM
With Great Bear Lodge and a new indoor waterpark coming to Sandusdky, I wondered: Will Castaway Bay at Cedar Point be "expandable" if it is popular enough, or if they need to draw people away from the other two indoor waterparks? Castaway is bigger than Great Bear by about 20,000 square feet, but 30,000 square feet smaller than the new water park that is supposed to be coming to Sandusky.

Friday, January 9, 2004 11:30 PM
If you mean in terms of needing space for rooms, they do own the vacant land across the water and Cedar Point Dr., so I'd say they have plenty of room. Not only that, but putting a bridge over the road wouldn't be a big deal (they've already done it once).
Saturday, January 10, 2004 12:15 AM
I don't think that Castaway Bay has too much to worry about with regards to the 3rd park being built. The Cedar Point name will likely be enough to draw in enough out-of-towners to keep it successful.
Saturday, January 10, 2004 12:16 AM
They could certainly add rooms, but I wouldn't be suprised if they also left some room to upgrade the actual waterpark with more/newer slides down the road. I think it's a given that Castaway will have a clear advantage over the other waterpark resorts because of its Cedar Fair ownership, and just its great location on the water and its proximity to the Point.
Saturday, January 10, 2004 10:10 AM
Will guests at Castaway be able to swim in the lake?
Saturday, January 10, 2004 10:15 AM
Would you really want to swim in the lake? Especially when you have the water park.
Sunday, January 11, 2004 12:26 AM
I'd love to swim in the lake if somebody provides a Haz-Mat suit for me.
Sunday, January 11, 2004 10:46 AM
My kids and I usually spend at least a few hours up to a half day on the beach during our "big" midsummer trip, despite having combo passes. The kids dig the sand (literally and figuratively) and the lake is, well, a lake rather than a pool.

We like to spend several days at the park when it's reliably warm enough to enjoy Soak City, which means peak season. Because both of us do quite a bit of independent contractor work, the cost of going during a weekday is unbilled time at pretty attractive hourly rates, so we end up going Th->Su, which means the dreaded peak Saturday visit. Our usual strategy on Saturdays is to hit SC first thing until the crowd swells, head back to the cabin for lunch, take a nap, and spend the afternoon at the beach, going into CP in the evening. This makes for a pretty enjoyable day, and allows us to miss the very worst of the crowds.


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