Casino Pier's Star Jet may remain in the ocean

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The remains of a roller coaster that was knocked off a New Jersey amusement pier by Superstorm Sandy and left partly underwater in the Atlantic Ocean might be left there as a tourist attraction. Mayor Bill Akers said officials have yet to decide whether to tear the coaster down.

Read more and see photos from The New York Daily News.

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It may be stable now. But, I would think the sea water would deteriorate it pretty quick.

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I dont see how this would be a tourist attraction. It wouldnt even make a fitting memorial to all the devastation. Plus wouldnt i pose other dangers that go along with the detrioration with pieces breaking off and polluting the nearby beaches? I say spend the cash and have it recylcled.

My enthusiast heart finds this prospect sad to contemplate.

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The proposal to leave it there has no merit. A hazard for swimmers and boaters, in one of the most litigious states in the country...not to mention a terrible reminder of tragedy from a natural disaster.

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I've finally figured out how to combine my two favorite hobbies: scuba diving and coasters. I'm officially in heaven.

From the pictures I've seen it looks like much of the coaster could be salvaged. Of course removing it from the water without damaging it further could be a challenge.

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It's a portable coaster that fell into the ocean. The only thing it could likely be allowed to be salvaged for is scrap.

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sws said:

I've finally figured out how to combine my two favorite hobbies: scuba diving and coasters. I'm officially in heaven.

You mean to tell me you've never taken one of those private dives to search for Millennium Force's green train?

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I think they can keep it there one or two years at the most. Then I tear it down.

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Dumb idea. It'll be shot down.

I think all the pictures are enough of a reminder...I found the pictures of the coaster in the ocean were the eeriest pics of the disaster for some reason. Perhaps because of my love for coasters, but who knows? Aren't abandoned/damaged amusement parks and thrill rides just inherently spooky, or is it just me? If anything, I think the coaster in the ocean would just creep people out. Not to mention the above concerns about pollution and lawsuits.

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It's no more of a pollution risk than a capsized boat or ship. Unless the thing starts coming apart in chunks, I'd say it might become quite a unique marine habitat once stuff starts latching on and calling it home.

Except for it being a sad reminder of a disaster, what is so wrong with this?

People talking about pollutants, did you know that stuff like this is fairly common? An amusement park used to operate near a lake that isn't far from me. To this day, pieces of the track and its cars sit at the bottom of the lake. It's a hot spot for scuba divers and the marine life that lives there.

Another lake, old and classic cars at the bottom. Same deal.

It really isn't all that big of a deal.

It will have to come down

The first time someone swims out to it and jumps off

of it they will realize the liability .

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What a lousy Haiku.

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I love how everyone is suddenly an expert because it's a roller coaster. I'm pretty sure you're not going to see people swimming to it, climbing it, and taking a dive on a regular basis.

People are stupid, but they're too lazy to attempt something like that.

sws said:

I've finally figured out how to combine my two favorite hobbies: scuba diving and coasters. I'm officially in heaven.

I must have slept through the stampede of people scrambling to go diving in the crystal blue water off of the coast of New Jersey.

Common sense wins out for a change. Check out the Mayor's comment about his previous thoughts:

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

Take it apart in sections, fish it out with a crane, then work with Miler to see if any of it can be salvaged. Some of the exposed bits look like they held up pretty well, but who knows what the rest of it looks like...

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