Cashless system coming to Waldameer

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Waldameer is spending $500,000 on a cashless payment system. Patrons will have bar codes on their wristbands and use swipe cards to pay for single rides, play games and buy food and souvenirs.

Read more from The Erie Times-News.

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^I agree. However, there are days cold enough to warrent cold days, at least in Wisconsin. If the temp dipped below -30 or -50 wind chill we got the day off of school, because at those temperatures it takes less then 15 minutes to develop frostbite. Also at those temps you can throw a pot of boiling water in the air and have it turn to frost before hitting the ground.

Ohioans are whimps. I also hate these "snow emerency" levels, they are arbitrary and not inforced. Some people can drive in heavy snow, some people cant drive if their was a frost the night before, dont make a blanket rule to apply to all.

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I wouldn't paint Ohio with that broad of a brush. Northern Ohio is very different than the rest, especially in areas that get lake effect snow.

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I live in Northern Ohio. Toledo can and does get plenty of snow, they just do a horrible job removing it and the locals are really bad at driving in it.

Ive been told Cleveland is better, but that still does not excuse how pathetic Toledoans are in the snow.

So, how exactly would a Waldameer Cashless System get me through the snow in Ohio? :)

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In the Waldameer Erie region, we need at least two feet of snow in one night for a school to consider a delay.

Back to Waldameer, I believe this system will be successful with customer responsibility and Waldameer making the system convenient. On the customer, losing a card is the same as losing cash, and being responsible enough to understand limits with spending or how much money is necessary to have on the card at a given time. For Waldameer, they need to be convenient in which they have several refill stations so card holders can refill efficiently. From what I've heard from a family member who works at a similar park with the same system, this will take time to get used to, but be better in the long run.

With the free rides, anyone can just not run a card, but not having strip tickets is a great idea. In terms of making more money for Waldameer, using cards (like Nelson said) means less cash handling on a frequent basis, and less opportunity for an employee to steal or simply short cash drawers. I know from running a cash register that cards involve no change counting, and there are little to no ways that I can give myself a "tip."

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Captain Hawkeye said:
So, how exactly would a Waldameer Cashless System get me through the snow in Ohio? :)

The same way it will get you through the snow in Erie, PA would be my guess..

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