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Droid... sorry for format errors... Did season pass preview today. Scenery and theming are possibly Disney's best ever... Land is too small to handle the expected crowds. Racers are possibly the best of Disney dark ride movie experiences. Great ride... will disappoint those looking for better than Test Track type thrills. Think of this as a strict dark ride and you will not set yourself up for anticipointment. Maters tow ride will be more popular than expected. It's location will have people falling into line. Larry the Cable Guy singing original tunes... along with a fun whip ride for the whole family... will make this a relativey cheap hit. It is fun to watch... and impossible to keep kids and grandparents away. Luigi's tires is a slow loading dud. Longest line in Carsland. DCA now has the two slowest and boring bumper car rides in the country. Most folks can't get the tires to move.

I give Carsland a solid A minus. Racers footprint line take up at least a third of the space. Flo's Diner has good food... I had the turkey plate. Mater is a hit. The theming is the best.

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I read somewhere else that the Racers where the best themed dark ride Disney has ever done. I need to get out there to visit my actress friend, so Disneyland is at the top of my list. I think I am most excited about Tow Mater's whip ride the most. It looks like a lot of fun.

...And I don't even like the Cars franchise at all.

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