Carowinds/Canada's Wonderland question

Hi. Does anyone know when these two parks opened for business this season? I've looked at the respective websites but they're not very enlightening. Thanks.
Carowinds was the first of Cedar Fair's seasonal parks to open this year on March 18, 2007. KD and GA opened the following weekend, 03/31. I don't remember the order of the other parks but, CanWon didn't open until early May.

According to the cached copy of the calendar, Canada's Wonderland opened Sunday, May 6th.

Maybe the 5th was a season passholder preview?

BogeyMon is correct.
Thank you :)
Carowinds actually opened a week later, on March 24. I was there on opening day.

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Canada's Wonderland's offical opening day was Sunday May 6. However, they're first operating day was April 28.

Sat April 28 - Bank Buyout

Sun April 29 - Bank Buyout/Media Day

Fri May 4 - Season Pass Preview Night (6pm-10pm)

Sat May 5 - Bank Buyout

Sun May 6 - Official Opening to the public

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