Carowinds Waterpark 7/30/15

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Today I decided it was time to visit Boomerang Bay Waterpark at Carowinds since I've never really been there. I started with the Sydney Sidewinder which was a tube ride. It was okay but not really interesting. Next I went on the orange and blue striped ones. I don't really know the names of the water slides. Once again it was a tube ride. It was in the dark, so it was better than the Sydney Sidewinder, but still not very interesting. I then rode Surfers Swell, which was one of the new slides last year. It was better than the other two but was relatively short. I didn't really feel the weightlessness that everyone talks about on that ride, so I was a bit disappointed. I'll stick with the ejector or floater, not that 1/4 second of small amounts of weightlessness. Then I rode the green slide. It had larger family sized rafts. I rode with a friend and the raft seemed to big for the tight turns. It was still fun. We finished off with some twister body slides. The names aren't coming to me right now but whatever. It was slightly painful because the slide segments had small bumps where they were bolted together and hurt more and more that faster you went over them. We had ridden all but one set of slides so we finished off for the day. Overall the waterpark is very dated. All the slides look very old, besides the ones they got last year. I felt like it was missing something, and that is more body slides. They have one pair of body slides, and those aren't very good. As much as I would like to see something like a water coaster like mammoth or wildebeest next year, I think the Snake Pit style complex would be a much better fit for their waterpark. One of them should have a large drop, since boomerang bay has no slides with an actual drop.
After that I rode Fury, Intimidator, Afterburn, and Boo Blasters. Sadly almost no targets were working on Boo Blasters. Thunder Roads sign is gone and the entrance is now fenced off. The trains are also gone and the sign on top of the lift is gone. That's pretty much it.

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