Carowinds Visit 05

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We've reviewed Carowinds the last three years on our annual visit, which are all in the archives, so we'll just update our impressions this Summer :

l. PKI's beloved Flying Eagles are alive and well at Carowinds, but certainly look and ride differently. They've been given a garish paint job, geared down considerably (there won't be any cable snapping in Carolina), and stuck back along the Kiddieland border. We rode them several times for old times sake, but it's not the same. Sad.

2. Kiddieland has been spruced up, and given a few new rides.

3. The Balloon Race has been geared up and is now a truly enjoyable cruise above the trees. Ironically, the balloons now fly faster than the flying scooters.

4. Whose idea was it to close the park at 8 pm on Summer weekend nights (Friday and Saturday)? An hour before dark and they're ushering customers out?

5. The Ghoster Coaster has been rethemed as The Truly Odd Coaster, but at least it got a new coat of paint and Maintenance got around to smoothing out the track. It's a much better ride now.

6. Thunder Road's two trains are MUCH smoother this year.

7. Top Gun is running faster and more furious this year than ever. What a great ride.

8. The Carowinds Holiday Inn Express is receiving a total facelift, with new wallpaper, carpeting and furniture in halls, lobbies and rooms. It's still the best lodging in the area, and right across the parking lot from the park entrance.

9. Charging $26 for an evening ticket when the park closes at 8 is a bit steep.

10. Why is it the Runaway Reptar at Carowinds is an exact clone of the one at PKI, but is 10 times rougher. The headpiece at PKI is very soft and cushioning, and the one at CW is hard plastic and beats you up so badly children are at risk for broken eardrums. What idiot decided hard plastic was better than soft cushion?

Uhhh.... the snapping on the flyers is just as powerful here as in PKI. I'm not sure which flyers you were riding, but the ride goes the same speed and is rigged the same way.
No way. We had some pretty veteran "snappers" with us and they unanimously agree the ride is slower and the snapping action is noticeably less.
You must have been doing something wrong then. Every time I have attended (including the enthusiast-filled opening day), the snappage has been amazing (including hitting the trees, queue cover, and other tubs). Maybe the technique required changed a little in the move (I never did them at PKI), but you can DEFINITELY get these things snapping at Carowinds.
Must have caught them on a bad day. I have still got to ride a set of flyers; we don't have any in Texas. And I'm not riding the Larson version, hands down.

John Moore

What about Super Saturator? What a crazy ride! And great to hear Top Gun is still running well; one of the best inverts in the country. Provides the perfect amusement park gateway.
Yes. We love Super Saturator. On a hot Summer day it's one of life's great experiences.
The snappage on the flyers yesterday was AMAZING, the best I've ever had. Next time you go just play around with the technique, as I was going crazy on them. *** Edited 7/15/2005 10:49:30 PM UTC by RollrCoastrCrazy***

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