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I will have about 4 hours next wednesday to visit Carowinds. This will be my first visit there and would like to get some advice on riding various coasters there. Also, do they have some gold pass special events like at KI? Thanks in advance.
1 Don't waste your time with Borg if you've ever ridden any other flying coaster. The line will be long and slow moving

2 The back gate closest to Top Gun hasn't been open on any week day I've been this season but if it is use it.

3 The woodies are smoothest in the front seats. Thunder Road doesn't seem to be operated in racing mode this year

4 Last year they modified the Rapids ride. You'll will get soaked as you now pass under a waterfall

5 You'll have a long wait for a dull but soaking wet ride on Super Saturator

6 The ice skating show is ok but skippable

7 you'll need a kid to ride Taxi Jam

8 Sponge Bob is the only film showing at the FX theater

9 They don't do Gold Passes at Carowinds anymore so don't expect any perks. It doesn't hurt to ask though

What time of day are you going? I usually stop by mid-late afternoon when I go on weekdays, and lines are pretty much nonexistent then on everything except for Borg (can't speak for the waterpark though). Everything else from the previous post is pretty much on point though, hope you have a good time.

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My experience has been that Borg is very busy at the bginning of the day, but dramatically shorter later in the day. ANd no matter how short of a line Super Saturator appears to have, it will take you quite a while to get through it.

* If you like flying scooters, Carowinds has some of the most snap-friendly around. :)
* Carolina Cyclone is one of the best Arrow loopers around IMO. Ride in the back for some serious airtime.
* The mine train is rathe unique and fun.
* Hurler is a fun woodie. One of the bunny hops was giving at least two pops of air as the train bounced over it last year.
* As much as I prefer wood, Top Gun IS the star coaster there. Ride it in the front for some visuals and in the back for a more intense ride.

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And watch out for the bees on Top Gun. They apparently like to nest at the top of the lift hill and find their way down to the line! At least, that was my experience the one time I went. Good coaster lineup though, I didn't think there was really a dud in the whole lot of them. Top Gun's one of my favorites anywhere.

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The last 2 days they have been doing stuctural work on Thunder Road. The hand rais on the forwar side turn around are missing and the appears to be new wood in the stucture. I have not seen it nor the backwards side operating as I've driven by the park
Ah, flying scooter. The Flying Eagle that was at KI. I will definitely give it a ride! I really miss that ride.

I will be there around 10 am Wednesday or is it better to be there around 6 pm on Tuesday?

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I posted a trip report from today (Sunday the 15th) in the appropriate forum, so it could be helpful.
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If you're only going for 4 hours, I would go in the evening. :)

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