Carowinds nov 6th and 7th

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The rides are turning off and the gates are slaming shut. Another long cold season of non-coaster riding. I am managing a little trip next week to camp snoopy to put the final touch on the season.

The trip to Carowinds. It was a good weekend. the sun was out and the temp was great. I try to make the 6 hour trip down there once a year.

Flying coasters - You know i have been on a couple (all the same layout) and they dont really do it for me. I mean its fun and all but The coasters take more time to load and unload then the lift hill and ride it self. Just not all that impressed.. Maybe i bilt up the first ride to much, and everything after that was just... well not so much..

Top Gun - Dont know what but this has alwas been one of my favs... I got some live action shots with the cam well on it. i will have them all up on the web site soon ( )

All and all it was a good weekend. they eve had some water rides going witch shocked me. I have some videos of other trips on my web site and i will have the first Coaster Crew (tv show style) video up on carowinds in the next month or so. I shot it all, now i am in post production and then it will be up. But tell then you can see some of the videos we have up there already

Winding down the season


Coasterclint - In The Loop Host on Coaster-net

I hope Carowinds Hybernates well, I'm anxious for my annual spring trip in May.

-The other Clint:).

The Other Clint,

I get to go to PKI and Cedar point in may, I dont get to make it down to Carowinds again tell its about to sleep another winter.

The clint that does not come close to the other clint

Coasterclint - In The Loop Host on Coaster-net

so are our Flyers there yet?

(BTW Clint, i got your email, i'll respond to it as soon as my email will send again. my Extreme PKI account was down the last few weeks until today, so i can recieve now just not send)

pkidelirium said:
so are our Flyers there yet?

I was there on the 6th and didn't see any flyers.. I did however see...

A teaser board

and some fences

not to mention some new landscaping

-Jay *** Edited 11/13/2004 5:58:14 AM UTC by JamminJ***

I'm really excited to see what the other family ride will be. Since I won't have any need to ride Vortex or Goldrusher next year, I'll have more space for flats.

Dawn, you are going with me in May, no?

Not to mention that the flying coasters dont have the same layout, Stealth is different from the others.


its in the woods.........

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