Carowinds Land

Does anyone know how much land Carowinds owns that is not already developed? i know that the camp wilderness area is like 25 acres or something but I am not counting that. I am just curious because Kings Island owns 770 and then some acres even though only 370 or so are developed. Does Carowinds own more than the 105 acres it occupies?
I believe Carowinds owns about 350 acres, with 105 of that being the theme park and another 100 or so being the parking lot. I'm not quite sure how much the campground takes up. They still have quite a bit of land to use at any rate.

Back in the 70s the park initially owned nearly 2,000 acres, though most of it was sold off when Taft bought out the Carowinds Corporation.

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Carowinds Land... I hope that's not the new name of the park ;)

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Yup it is.........

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