Carowinds July 2nd (long)

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**EDIT** I screwed up the is AUGUST 2nd..thank you

August 2nd- The Neverending Road Trip

Woke up at 6, ate, then left at 7:30. My dad almost forgot the tickets, and I had to bear talk radio on the way there. But it wasn't too bad, and I got to spend *quality time* with my dad, brother and kneemeister. The trip was a good 5 1/2 hours.....
We got there and it looked pretty bad, but when we got inside the lines weren't too bad at all



Top Gun- An awesome ride!! We rode it and it has retained the glory that it has contained for years! Score- 9 3/4

Taxi Jam- had to borrow a kid to ride, but it was a decent kid coaster wit airtim, which was interesting Score 8

Scooby Doo's Ghoster Coaster- A kiddie coaster woodie that is fun, but only fits one adult per seat. I woulda had airtime, but I was wedged in the seat with kneemeister 8 1/2

Rocket Power Airtime- A Rainbow ride. The cycle was too short, got very little airtime, but good themeing Score- 7 1/2

Rugrats Runaway Reptar- A bit rough, but good G's Score- 7 3/4

Hurler-This ride beat us up around terribly, Stomach still hurts from the inpact of my bar hitting bar. Could not enjoy airtime. WHat ahappened to this ride : ( ? Score-2

Carolina Cyclone- No headbanging!! YAY! Very Smooth, enjoyable Score 9

Scream Weaver- an enterprise ride. I had lots of G's. The area was a bit dirty, and the ride was a tad rough Score- 7

Ricochet- This wild mouse had a bit of strange themeing.We were breaked only twice..which was cool. Great ride, very enjoyable- 8 3/4

Goldrusher-a great Family mine ride but the line moved too slow, dispatches were off , but the ride halfway made up for it Score- 7

Thunder Road- The lines moved fast for this one. Backwards was good, frontwards was painful. Score 7

The ppl at the Huckleberry's icecream gave us no napkins, and the cup was WAY TOO SMALL for the ice cream. My hands were blue and sticky.(don't get any ideas).. Later, the drink fountain for cokes wasn't working, but the staff fixed it surprisingly fast. The ride ops were very efficient, except for those on Gold Rusher and forward Thunder Road...THEY were so SLOW!! Score 7 1/2

Bathrooms were not very clean , but better than a hick town gas station. Midway, pretty nice except for entrance. Parking lot, where are the trashcans??? BTW, someone crapped in a parking space and left the boxers there....very sickening.... Score- 6

Overall. A good park with better than average rides, but could use a bit of improvement on freindliness and keeping the place saniutary. Great for family and the enthusiast. Plan to stay for 8 hours or a whole day for families Score 8 3/4

Part 2 (SFOG and Lake Winnie) Coming Soon...

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Glad you had a good time! Great TR. Carowinds has been improving in my opinion. Their customer service is great, ride ops are usually pretty good, and their food is now much improved ( About three years ago it was sooo gross). Your right it could be a lot cleaner though. BTW at least someone had the decency to crap in an empty parking space, last year we got evacuated from the wave pool because somone used it as a toilet, YUCK!;-)
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