Carowinds help?

Hi all, ACEr here looking for some specific advice:

In each of the past two years, I’ve gone to Carowinds on a Sunday in October. Because the park does regular operations daytime and closes to switch over to Scarowinds at 5pm during this time of year, the lines for every ride in the park have been walk-on (so great!). Apparently Scarowinds is always packed with huge lines, as GP waits for that in Oct. usually.

My question is: If I bring my nephew next Saturday (10/21), do y’all think we will have as much luck with walk-ons/short lines, or is that generally a pre-Scarowinds Sunday thing?

It feels wrong to go to an amusement park on a Saturday, but Carowinds has the best operations of any park I’ve been to.. thoughts are greatly appreciated!



Yeah, nobody goes to amusement parks on a Saturday, it’s too crowded... 😜

But then again, what do I know?

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When parks do Halloween events at night, daytime operations are generally pretty slow/quiet. The crowds pick up quickly at dusk.

Still, a Saturday is a Saturday...

Anyhow, since it's Carowinds, I'd be remiss if I failed to mention those AWESOME flying skooters... :~P

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Thank you much!

Yeah, I figure it’s a safer bet than other Saturdays, as unfortunately Sunday isn’t an option for us.. Still hard to bring myself to go that day, but family is coming from Minnesota to ride Fury etc and figure it can’t be atrocious vs. average park.

May have to check out the Woodstock gliders, haha

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Saturdays before scarowinds can get busy as many people with passes go and stay for scarowinds. Plus with it still 90° here in Charlotte it could be busier than usual this time of year. I wouldn’t expect walk ons. Sunday’s, though, are walk on day and nite.

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My experience has been daytime Saturdays during Halloween can be just as busy as the Scarowinds event at night. The waterpark is such a major draw for the park, and it's not available after Labor Day - and it is obvious when walking the park. Get there as early as possible and hopefully you will have a few good hours before the crowds show up.

Have fun! I like Carowinds more and more with each trip.

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I enjoy "snapping" the gliders at my local zoo. The ride ops look at me like I'm the anti-christ, Lol.

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