Carowinds Fast Lane?

Is the Fast Lane worth getting? I've never been there, and we will be going on a Wednesday in July. I'm really not a fan of pay to cut passes, but want to be able to ride everything in one day.

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Well, according to one questionable source, if the temperature is over 99 degrees there's no lines anyway. :^)

As always, the best thing is to not buy them online in advance but to get there first and assess the situation. If you buy them at the park, buddy up with someone in line as four or more is cheaper.

Enjoy Fury325.

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It probably is a question that only you can answer. Is it worth it to you? Do you have the extra money to spend on it? Do you think waiting in line for five minutes is too long, or 30 minutes, or an hour?

Plus, no one really knows what the lines will be like that day. Will there be a bunch of busses full of teenagers there that day? Will this be a rainy day or a sunny day?

So, RCMAC has the right answer. Wait until you are at the park and see how busy the park is before you decide to buy it. You won't know if it is worth it to you until you have all the information you need to make a decision. We won't know if it is worth it to you because we don't know all the factors of the day, and we don't know your tolerance level for lines and crowds.

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Highly unlikely you'll need it during the week. And if you're there open to close, the park will die around 5 if it's not dead all day anyway.

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For what it's worth, I stopped at Carowinds on a Florida to Ohio road trip a couple years ago. It was a mid summer weekday with decent weather. I did the twilight ticket, and from 4-8pm the entire park was walk-ons, aside from the Vekoma flyer which was only running one train and the line took about 45 minutes.

That said, the waterpark looked to be wall to wall.

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