Carowinds extends hours

Thought I would post that Carowinds will now be open from 10-10 everyday July 29th to August 19th. I'm curious to see if the park is testing such a schedule for next season:

It's a whole new park after dark! (Operating Schedule)

Pretty cool to see a park trying longer hours again. Hope they do good enough to bring back 10-10 everyday next summer.

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Yay! I too hope this is a "trial balloon", and that it floats... ;)
Stupid Carowinds. Everyone knows that parks don't make money in the later hours.


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I thought it was "Everyone knows that CF is just too cheap to keep their parks open."

Carowinds, like any park, will stay open later if they can attract the crowds to warrant it. Good for them for attracting better crowds than expected! That can only mean good things when CapEx time rolls around...

Good news indeed, maybe I can finally get in some of those night rides I've been craving. Seems interesting though, the last several times I've been at the park have been on weekday afternoons late, and just about anything I wanted to ride was a walk-on. I wonder where all the people are?

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Finally. It's about time parks started doing this again. Take a hint Dolly.

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Wow, Carowinds didn't do 10-10 during peak season? That's surprising.
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Rob Ascough said:
Everyone knows that parks don't make money in the later hours.

Everyone knows if the prospect is iffy you're better off publishing the early times and closing later than publishing later times and closing early.

Isn't this more or less exactly what many of us were predicting in that uber-long thread on the topic?

It only makes sense for parks to do this. Many people would rather enjoy a park in the cooler nighttime temps than during the hot, stuffy, sweaty daytime hours. Especially in the south.
I believe Kings Dominion has extended hours for the remainder of the summer as well:

Kings Dominion Schedule

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