Carowinds Day 2

I am going to post this trip report about how the rides were running and interesting things that happen about them instead if an description of the order of rides. Tomorrow, I will give a day in pictures report about tomorrow's day.


I got to the park when it opened, and I had very short lines. It was upper 60's and sunny temperature wise. I left at 7:00 pm because I rode 29 rides. Great day!

Roller Coasters:

Nighthawk: I rode this first thing and I ran to it after the national anthem. I was beat by four kids who took the front seat before me so I waited for the second train to ride the front seat. This ride is operated more poorly than any ride I have ever seen in my life. I only rode it once because the lines moved so slowly. The ride itself was fun. It wasn't quite as smooth as other Vekoma Flying Dutchman, but it was fun flying over the water and the double corkscrew was enjoyable.

Intimidator: It was running very well. It had mostly 15 minute waits; which was good. I rode it 6 times and I rode it sometimes in the front and sometimes in the back. It didn't really make a difference; the air time was good either way. This ride is a gem for both the quick queue line and the incredible ride experience.

Thunder Road: Today they were running just North Carolina and not South Carolina. Yesterday it was the opposite. I road it twice today and liked it, but North Carolina was rougher and had less air time than South Carolina. It never had a long line at all, but they stopped the ride during the chain hill once because they saw a kid video taping the ride in the front seat and said through the intercom to put his camera away. Then they started the chain hill again. I thought that was quite funny.

Afterburn: I rode this 7 times today and I loved this ride! It was running great but I think I rode this once to many. I got queasy after the final time. It has so many different inversions that it gives a lot of variety. The best is the last inversion. It does not matter if you ride in the front or the back, and most of my rides on it were walk ons. This inverted coaster is better than both Montu and Raptor

Carolina Cobra: My first ride on a non-inverted Vekoma boomerang. The first drop was fun, and I loved the restraints. They were so much more comfortable than Arrow corkscrew coasters. I rode it once.

Gold-rusher: I didn't ride this today. I rode this yesterday and described it then.

Ricochet: I rode this twice and had 15 minute waits. The turns are so intense, and this is my favorite "Wild Mouse" coaster. It has great hills too.

Carolina Cyclone: Great Arrow corkscrew coaster that is most fun near the front of the ride. It also gave me good air time on the first hill. I rode this twice with short waits.

Vortex: A relatively smooth stand-up with not a whole lot of excitement. It never gave me a long line, though. Ride this in the front for the best experience.

Hurler: Didn't run very well today. It was very rough, and I did not like it. I think that this is a "Hit or Miss" attraction.

Other Rides:

I rode sky tower, roaring rapids, GR8 SK8, boo blasters (which i only scored 90 points again), and southern star (which makes you queasy). I didn't ride all the other rides today, but this park lacks good flat rides. Roaring Rapids was fun, though.

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