Carowinds 7/23/18

Drove from Atlanta to Charlotte the night before, praying the predicted thunderstorm wouldn’t ruin my first trip to the park. Fortunately, it only rained about 20 minutes in the morning and that was enough to keep the crowds away! Everything, including Fury325 was a walk-on the whole time I was there! [Except, strangely, Ricochet, which I didn’t want to wait for].

Generally speaking, Afterburn, Intimidator, and Fury are the only three I’d recommend making the trip for, but I was pleasantly surprised with Carolina Goldrusher and Carolina Cyclone, for what they are. I may have enjoyed Nighthawk more but it’s only my second flying coaster and it doesn’t really compare favorably to Tatsu, imo.

Carowinds looks like a great place to take the kids and have a good day, though! I particularly liked the Carolina-centric music playlist they had going.

I love Carowinds and happily make the drive from Orlando twice a year. Fury and Intimidator are worth the trip alone. I would *love* to see their Hurler get an RMC transformation, but I also think next year's addition will be good. The waterpark is excellent and it's a great, well rounded park.

Other than Saturdays during Scarowinds, I don't think I have ever waited in a line at the park either. And yes, Ricochet will always have a longer line than Fury.

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