Carowinds 7/2/15

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Today two of my friends and I decided to go to Carowinds, and it wasn't too hot and the crowds were pretty light. We started with Intimidator in the back row which was running great. Two train operations though, but it wasn't too bad of a wait. Since I haven't gotten the kiddie credit, and that thing was jerky. We then rode Woodstock Express for some reason and it was really rough. After that we did the Flying Scooters which were really fun. After that, since we were very thirsty we refilled our Souvenir cups, and the cashiers were too lazy to care about when we bought it so we got like 4 free drinks today. Then we hit Afterburn, which we rode front row. That ride is great, but that last corkscrew bangs my head. One of my friends rode the pirate ship with me. The other was smart enough not to. The restraints are very awkward to say the least. Then we rode the Dodgems, which was fun I guess. Then after a long 0 minute wait I got my last two rides in on Thunder Road, unless I can make it on closing day. It had great airtime, and its sad that its going. The guy next to me was a random stranger, and he told me how annoying the safety rail is on the lift hill since he wanted to high five his friend. Then I pointed out that it would be gone after July 26. He had no idea T-Road was closing. After that I got my first ever win on Boo Blasters. Typically I'm the one with the 60 while everyone has like a 400. Today I obliterated all my friends with a score of 750. According to the sign that's just an Average Blaster though so yeah. We rode Windseeker and didn't get stuck, which is an accomplishment. We then headed to Fury and rode it three times, two of which in the front row. The third time, we were in the front and there was a light drizzle. That was very painful though. I guess I felt the sting of Fury. Then I committed suicide by riding the Enterprise two times in a row. Ouch. Then we rapped up the riding with the Cyclone, which was running one train, and despite typically running relatively smooth, it was sheer hell today. We tried some 1 dollar game where you could win really good prizes. I was extremely close to an IPhone 6plus but failed. After that we left. Overall, a great day at the park, and one coaster credit richer.

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