Carowinds 6/10/08 (Short Trip)

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I was in Charlotte area for four days and had a few hours for myself so that I went to Carowinds. It was extremely hot and humid. (99oF and 73oF dew point) I visited Carowinds last summer and rode all of the coasters. I was impressed with Top Gun and Borg although Firehawk is a better version in my view.

I drove over to the season pass area for parking. The attendent was puzzled about the Platinum pass from KI. She did not think she can accept the pass. I told her that the pass is good at any Cedar Fair for parking, she let me in.

I went straight toward Afterburn/Top Gun. I love these inverts. This one is my 4th favorite invert after Alpengeist, Talon, and Montu. I ended up riding the ride 8 times. All the rides were walk-ons. I got on last row six times.

I went over to Phantom Flyers. I miss this ride at KI. There really was no reason to take this great ride from KI. Sigh... I noticed that "ripping" can be done on only in cars 7, 8, 9, and 10. I could not do that on other cars. No one said a word about my "ripping" the cords. In fact, some people were cheering for me to do so. I rode this 8 times as well.

I decided to get two rides on Nighthawk/Borg. The color is the same, but the Borg cube was gone. I thought the Borg theme was a great concept being a Star Trek fan. Oh well.

I was only at the park for 2 hours but was able to get 18 rides in all. Not bad. It seemed that many people were in the waterpark or stayed away due to extreme heat.

Sounds like the employees are as confused about all the varieties on SPs as the GP is.

Is "ripping" what we call snapping? If it is, I don't see why you would only be able to do it in certain cars. Still, 18 rides in 2 hours is pretty cool though.

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