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Monday, April 26, 2010 8:03 PM

Since in his last newsletter our moderator mentioned trip reports I figured I'd write my take on Carowinds even though someone beat me to it from this weekend.

Intimidator - Haven't been on Diamondback and haven't been on 305 yet to make the obvious comparisons. The ride is by far the best in the back. Plenty of floating air time. Really smooth ride as you would expect from one of these B & Ms and very ridable. The front is fast and smooth but really there isn't much to the ride up there if that is possible at that speed. A lot of hills. I like it but is it any better that Apollo's Chariot? Not sure.

Nighthawk- Ran reliably while I was there. I think this one is just slightly different than the other flying coasters. When they run these are certainly different to experience

Afterburn- Probably the shortest invert that I have been on, but they do pack all the elements in a really short time period which does have some intensity but it is a short ride.

Vortex- Very early B & M stand up and wasn't the most comfortable I've been on.

Carolina Cobra- Boomerang

Carolina Cyclone- Loop Loop Corkscrew Corkscrew

Thunder Road- Really miss being able to ride these backwards. Actually this one really wasn't too painful.

Hurler, Ricochet, and the mine train really nothing much to say on those.

The park has a lot of different coasters in a pretty small space and wasn't really crowded. Intimidator is by far the star and is a nice addition to the park.


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