Carowinds Sunday 9/12.... Top Gun heaven

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Just a quick note about my sunday at was unusually crowded, and the only rides that we didnt wait an hour for were Vortex and Carolina Cyclone.

Speaking of Vortex, I actually had somewhat of a decent ride. For some reason I did not have my seat right, and I rode the entire ride up on my toes, which put an ugly strain on my legs. Minus the headbash i received in the corkscrew, and I'd definitely have to say that Vortex is pretty intense. Now if theyd just give it some new wheels because it is one big piece of rattling steel.

Speaking of rattling steel...what in the HECK happened to Borg Assimilator? Back in April it was somewhat smooth, but after Sunday, I will definitely say that it was rougher than Batwing, something I thought would never be possible :) The entire train shook and vibrated like the worst of the Vekos, and I had a middle seat. The corkscrews even managed to sling me around, and im 6'2 and 190 so im in the harnesses pretty snug. Even my friend who had never been on a flyer said that once was enough for her. Granted I assured her that there are smoother flyers out there, so hopefully Borg didnt spoil her experience.

We rode Hurler and Ricochet, and the Cyclone, but we managed two rides on Top in the front, and one in the back. After a back seat ride, TG moved into my number two all time favorite invert, behind Raptor. I dont think ive ever felt it pull so many G's, and it was FLYING. Anyone else think that TG has been running extremely fast this season? Whatever the case, it was incredible, being yanked down the loop, but for me the most intense G's came on the batwing. I was plastered to my seat! The last flat spin is taken at such a high speed, I dont even think Raptor whips you through them that fast. At any rate, the back seat ride was my last of the day and left me totally satisfied, with jellied knees and butterflies in my stomach :) Thanks alot for reading !

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The older B&M standups are more intense than nearly every other steel coaster out there, save for the older inverts. Especially in the front.

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

davidnc25 said:
the only rides that we didnt wait an hour for were Vortex and Carolina Cyclone.

Surprise, surprise. One ride on those two and you'll know why there's no line, that is if they're up and running.

Living so close to Carowinds, you'd think I'd be thrilled to have some coasters right in my backyard, but considering the coasters at Carowinds, I'd much rather be living closer to CP.

Cyclone and Vortex are so rough I swore I'd never ride them again. I don't like woodies since I don't fit well in then so I don't ride 'em, so no Hurler or Thunder Rooad for me.

Your experience on BORG sums it up - it's a VERY ROUGH RIDE. The worst of the three Vekoma Flyers, IMO.

Top Gun really is the only coaster in the park I actually enjoy riding, but it's nowhere near my favorite invert coaster - Raptor takes that spot. I also like Dueling Dragons at Islands of Adventure and Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa.


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