Carowinds 7/9-7/10

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This is going to be my first trip report,so to all you Coaster Buzzers who
post all the time,please be kind :-).
This past weekend my wife and I took our first trip to Carowinds.
Based on the trip reports on here,Carowinds seems to be a somewhat 
"forgotten" park,hence the trip report.
We stayed at the Comfort Inn across from the park.
Very nice place,excellent free breakfast and they have a $69.00 a night
rate for Carowinds or Cedar Fair Season Pass holders.
The park packs a lot into a somewhat "compact" footprint.
We enjoyed the park's collection of coasters.
Here's our feelings on some of them:
Intimidator:Loved the trains' seating  layout and this ride gives
some of the best air time we've ever had.
Afterburn:Not quite on the level of Raptor on Alpengeist but a fun inverted.
Nighthawk:First time we rode this style flying coaster.Much better ride then "Superman
Ultimate Flight" at GA.
Carolina Cobra:Stadard boomerang,but the new trains have a "soft"
restraint system that reduces the head banging.
Thunder Road:Really pretty racing woodie,but extremelly rough in back 
though,even with the retracking.
We rode all the coasters in the park and were impressed that they have a nice group 
of intermediate "family" coasters.
The ride ops really hustled,especially on Imtimidator.They also try
very hard to get the crowd "into" the rides.
The lines were managable.About the only appreciable wait
(1 hour) was for Nighthawk,and that was only because of the load/unload times.
Even on Sat. Intimidator had,at worst,a 1/2 hour wait.A number of the coasters 
were walk ups.We also don't if its this way all the time,but on Friday and Saturday the
park started to empty out around 4:00.
On Friday we were able to hit all 13 coasters,including 3 rides on Intimidatir in a little
over 5 hours.And that's without "pushing".
We were also impressed that the PA system had regular announcement about
staying hydarted in the heat and that complimentray water
was available at all refreshment stands.
To us,it was well worth the trip from N.J.

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Nice TR. Good to see one on Carowinds. I really want to get out to that park someday. Sounds like fun.

Collin Aynes

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