Carousel horses will be auctioned off in New York

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Sixty antique circus posters and 50 carousel horses and other menagerie figures from the early 1900s are being sold Sept. 25 at Guernsey's auction house in New York. The sale includes a chariot and five figures from a carousel that stood in Dorney Park when the Allentown, Pa., amusement park opened in 1901.

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Of course they don't say that Gurnsey's was responsible for the destruction of number of carousels.They'd make the owners all kind of promises of fantastic returns if they owner (or their heirs) would consign their machine for auction. By the time the dust settled, a lot of them were no better off, if not worse off, than before.

Caveat Venditor.

What I can;t see is were all these horses in storage for a removed carousel or were they removed from an operating machine at the park.

From what I've read, this is a consignment auction, and the bulk if not all of the figures being offered are from private collections that are either being thinned or liquidated.

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