Carnival just rolled into town, lame ride package.

Our carnival is usually pretty good, with a Fireball, Zipper, Gravitron and other cool rides. This year they got a large ferris wheel, a kiddie ferris wheel, a Chance Morgan Yo Yo, a Zamperella vertical swing, 1001 Nachts, and a smaller version of pretty much the same thing, they must have ordered the "ridiculously redundant super lame ride package" And I blew 50 bucks on advance tickets.

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Which show is it?

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At least you don't live in Lincoln County, West Virginia. Our County Fair organizers almost always order the Super Lame Ride Package.

At last year's County Fair, we had a scrambler, kiddie swings, and a kiddy Ferris Wheel, and nothing else. They charged $15 for an all-day ride bracelet. Needless to say, they didn't get many customers.

The year before last was better, but nothing to brag about. They brought a medium Ferris Wheel, a Gravitron, and a Casino ride. I think that they also had a few kiddy rides that year too. That year, they were charging $25 for an all day bracelet, but reduced it to $15 when not a lot of people were buying one.

Other than the rides, each year they have just a few food stalls, the same old flea market that they have ever week, and a concert tent featuring Lincoln County's best country music karaoke singers. lol

The next door counties have pretty cool fairs sometimes; lots of rides, animals, shows, and vendors, at a very reasonable price. I always try to go to those.

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Amusements of America.

We went last night to grab some icecream. Wristband night is tonight so I was offering my suggestions to my kids, ie low capacity on the vertical swing so try and hit a couple laps on that first.

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Amusements of America usually sets up at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus. Last year I was quite impressed with the selection of rides and ended up spending the entire day there when we only intended to spend an hour or two.

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This is a smallish Catholic Church real estate wise but they usually pack a lot of cool rides in there. Last year they had a Ring of Fire, for example. This year the offering seems kind of redundant. The difference in size between the 2 Ferris Wheels is like 20 feet.

Looked at their route and this is apparently the church festival unit. Typically they don't ususally travel with anything resembling a spectacular with these units, the committees like to have a "family"mix of rides and games. If it had a Ring of Fire last year, they may have had to fill in a hole in the lineup in a hurry.

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The carnival that sets up at Mira Mesa high in San Diego a couple times a year was missing its Zipper the last couple of setups. Too bad; it was the best part of the lineup.

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Yeah that's Christiansen's. They have three units now and they they are not identical in makeup, so it may be another year or two before it may show up in a lot.

They have either had a zipper or a ring of fire for the past decade as their "extreme" ride. This year's offering seems particularly lame. They dont even have the swinging pirate ship.

Having a 40 foot vertical swing for your "extreme" ride is kinda lame IMO.

I just read that this carnival draws 100K people in a week's time so I'm probably mischaraterizing it by calling it "smallish". It's the only carnival I know of so I have nothing to go off of.

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