Carnival Cruise Line to introduce the first roller coaster at sea in 2020

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From the press release, for a ship to be based out of Port Canaveral:

Get ready to ride! In another cruise industry first, Carnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras™ will feature the first-ever roller coaster at sea when it debuts in 2020, providing an unforgettable and unique open-air thrill ride on the line’s newest and most innovative ship.

Built by Munich-based Maurer Rides, BOLT™: Ultimate Sea Coaster™ is a heart-pounding rush of adrenaline offering nearly 800 feet of exhilarating twists, turns and drops with riders reaching speeds of nearly 40 miles per hour.

Taking cruise industry innovation to new heights, BOLT is an all-electric roller coaster that allows two riders in a motorcycle-like vehicle to race along a track 187 feet above sea level, enabling guests to experience the sea in an exciting new way with breathtaking 360-degree views.

Read more from Carnival.

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I can't wait for people to ask how to add this to the database. :)

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I think you may be relieved of having to add it to the database. The way the article reads, it isn't a coaster so much as a self-propelled, user controlled car on a track. I would say is more an "Antique Cars" than a coaster.

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That's probably good, because Carnival has a way of stranding people at sea. They've had some pretty poor outcomes in the last few years. And their ships are hideous.

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so is their clientele.

Oh God yes. The staterooms dreadfully resembles a walk-in closet with a bed.

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Well, according to the article and the video, there seems to be some rise and fall to the track and it looks like it can be controlled to go pretty fast if you want.
But the question remains- roller coaster or no?

It’s no difference to me, I will never be on that Carnival ship or any other for that matter.

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Carnival & Maurer working together. Oh goodness me.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

I’d reckon a roller coaster on a cruise ship would have to be powered, if for no other reason than to avoid that pesky valleying when seas get rough.

...5200 passenger cruise ship... two passengers per ride...dat capacity.

And I thought Rail Blazer had a bad capacity.

I don’t think my family is hideous- just price conscious.

I am sure the hideous statement was made in the most complimentary way possible.

Makes as much sense as a go kart track if you ask me.

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Still not enough to get me to go Carnival.

Not a huge fan of NCL's go karts either, simply because they take up so much room that could be (and used to be) used for a variety of other things. After looking in to MSC, Royal, Princess and Celebrity, however, NCL still has the best overall experience IMO, and the most bang for the buck, so they'll continue to get my money.


That, and every time you hear about ships losing power or listing to the side or sinking or hosting drug fueled parties it always seems to be Carnival of one of their subsidiaries.

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Ok, after hearing about the drug fueled parties, I changed my mind.


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I've got 15 sailings on DCL now. They always get it right, but they sure have gotten expensive because the demand is intense. I'm hoping with the new ships that they end up having three total dedicated to Canaveral, and it at least temporarily eases the pricing pressure.

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kpjb said:

NCL still has the best overall experience IMO, and the most bang for the buck,

everyone's experience differs of course, but we moved away from NCL years ago and haven't looked back. Decreased food quality and the constant push to the upcharge restaurants turned me off of NCL. We've been quite happy with Celebrity for mix of price and experience (no rock walls, flow-riders or zip lines, but modern luxury with a better passenger mix). Each of the mass market lines caters to a certain demographic, and obviously they do it well, or they wouldn't be as successful as they are.

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