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Friday, April 5, 2002 4:52 PM
Ok, so it wasn't the warmest day, but I had a pretty stressful week at work and I just bought my season pass. Good thing I brought my trying to look cute I would have frozen my behind off. I thought the park would be empty, but on my way it hit me...damnit, the kids are on spring break. Oh well, all I wanted was a few rides on Medusa and Roar. I hit Medusa first and boy was it a good ride. I waited about 1 hour for the front....they kept cycling empty trains. After that I went on immediately again for the back. I don't think its that much different...except for the drop. I hit the front again and thought I would go process my season pass. On my way I heard over the speakers that they were having Q/A with Maven and Al Snow from MTV/WWF tough enough. Good...I absolutlely adore Maven and would love to get his autograph. I thought I would get one ride on Roar and hear over there. The line for Roar was kinda long since they only had one after 2 minutes of contemplating I decided to head straight to Jungle theater. When I got there they said I was 5 minutes too late (Damn you Roar :) I stayed for the question and Answer....and got to hear Mr. Maven's Southern accent. I then decided to get one more ride on Medusa b4 I head home. Then right as I was about to board Mr Maven and his entourage came and took our place. (I wasn't the least bit mad :) Kong looked kinda enticing, and I still had to hit up Roar...but I was starving and I had a headache. I thought I'd postpone those till my next trip next week.
Friday, April 5, 2002 9:27 PM
Nice report! I hate all the sprinf break crowds at 1 train op at SFMW.

So what is better? SFMM or CP? I don't care! They both have 29 coasters between them that they build so we can have a good time!


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