Capt. Jack brings out the boobs, gets booted from Disneyland

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This is too bad, one of the coolest moments of my last trip to DL was seeing him walk through that little nook over by the Columbia in front of Splash Mountain.

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I was going to submit it to Digg but it already has 1,158 diggs! Pretty funny,

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I know this has been a problem for awhile now, read a first hand report of one of those guys from awhile ago. So far this seems to be DLR management, so WDW might still have them wandering around. Interesting development, but you have to wonder, with the movie cooling significantly should Disney focus on their newer entries and let Captain Jack stay in the ride?

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I don't know about the series cooling, really. Do we have an actual release date on Pirates 4 yet?

I mean, even still, one of the most anticipated Disney rides out there right now is Little Mermaid and that movie's going on 20 years old. Just sayin'.

Not to mention I still see Burt and Mary from Mary Poppins at the parks . . . and that's really going back a ways.

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The idea of kids' moms flashing costumed characters amuses me to no end.


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Depends on the moms, I think.

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There is a "line in the sand" moment in my life where mommies suddenly became "hot". Not sure when that was.

Oh the things I could divulge about late night spins on the Jungle Cruise.

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I think the story is funny but I have a hard time believing it. Then again if it was actually Johnny Depp then I might be tempted. ;)


LOL, talk about a work-perk!

Maybe the flashers were just responding to the 'HO' part of the song Pirates life For Me.



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Perhaps it's time to dredge up good ol' Flash Mountain
(Warning: not safe for work, impressionable children, or those easily offended by nekkidness.)

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Get the shirt.

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Imagine the look on my son's face if I were to flash a sexy youngster playing Capt Jack. He gets embarrassed when I do the RCT jump after riding a coaster.

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I've seen it happen quite a few times while working at Rip Roaring Rapids. Fun stuff. ;)

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