Canyon River Rapids - Staying or Going?

No more rhyming...I mean it! Hehehehehe...

Canyon River Rapids is a good water ride for those who don't like the Tidal Force type ride (I don't due to injury on said ride). It's family friendly, and I can't see Hershey getting rid of it. Plus, there's always a HUGE line for it, up to two hour waits, and why would you get rid of a ride that people consistently queue for? That being said, with the whole Boardwalk area being free for anyone and having a variety of kid and adult friendly water areas, maybe this ride will go the way of the dinosaurs after all. *sigh* Makes me a teeny bit sad. As long as they don't get rid of the similar raft ride at Dorney though, I'm cool. pun intended.

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Extremely popular rides are often removed for non-obvious reasons, such as maintenance; i.e., Orient Express and Zambezi Zinger. *** Edited 6/14/2008 9:05:26 PM UTC by Acoustic Viscosity***

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^Except this is your standard Intamin Raft Ride. If they are such a maintenance nightmare, why do so many parks have them (not to mention keep building them, like MIA did.)

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Can if be re-routed through an area that would be more space efficent? Possibly with a bridge that goes to the middle so there can be stuff there? And water guns on the bridge to shoot the people on the ride?

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Where did I say maintenance was the reason in this case? I just mentioned that as ONE reason why popular rides are removed.

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What I like about this ride is that you're guaranteed to get soaked, but you don't have to go running around in an evil children-filled arena like Boardwalk. Plus, Roller Soaker doesn't always soak ya. I really really really hope they don't get rid of this ride. Although it would free up some more space to get some more flat rides or even to wind another coaster in there somewhere. Hmmmm...anyone hear anything else about it staying or going?

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It would be a shame for it to go. I love water rides. Why do parks keep getting rid of them? They are a main attraction to a park.

Every good, large sized park needs a decent selection of water rides.

Gary Chubb mentioned that one wet ride would be getting removed in Pioneer Frontier this season during the Fahrenheit FAQ. A dry one is going as well.

I heard Rodeo was going. You know, I didn't notice the old triple slides by the Boardwalk. Maybe they removed those already. Or was that not considered Pioneer Frontier whatever?

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The Rodeo is moving to another park.
Add to the list the need for a legitimate wave pool and the people have more things to do to take their minds off of the missing Canyon River Rapids.

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What about an un-lazy river. One that would provide a more aggressive experience and still get you wet.

To experience a not-so-lazy river, go to Atlantis in the Bahamas.

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^ or Torrent at Schlitterbahn - "don't call me lazy". ;)
The water park at Hershey was horribly done. It was crammed into a small location as an afterthought. The good thing about it is that all the water rides are in the area and you can wear your bathing suit on them. It would be a shame if Canyon River Rapids go because it is one of the few very wet rapids rides that is located in a water park area.

The water park should have been built where Fahrenheit stands and the parking lot used for future expansion. Plumbing was probably part of the reason of its current location, but they tried to cram too much into too little the way they built it.

My husband and I went to Hersheypark last week (Fahrenheit ROCKS!!!), and CRR was easily one of our favorite rides. When I mentioned the rumor to him, we agreed that it would be a dumb move on the park's part to get rid of it. If it's supposedly showing its age, I couldn't see where.

I guess we'll find out July 1st one way or the other.

I also liked the Rodeo, but like it better everywhere else I've seen it, themed as Wipeout. Play surfing music with it, and it's even better. But it's not in a very big space, so what could go there?

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Ah man, why are we on topic here? I thought this thread had been legitimately hijacked! What happened to the semantics antics? ;)

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I tried!

Ooooh...a thought: we could nitpick about semantics. It would be pedantic semantic antics! :)

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Since when do coaster enthusiasts care about a water ride of this caliber? Is it really so great? I was there last summer when it was hotter than a...and there was no line.

^^ Now you're just getting frantic.
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Frantic pedantic antisemantic antics? Count me in! And since it's summer I have an idea: let's move this discussion to the Bahamas. Guess why!?!

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