Canobie Lake Untamed Opening day

Monday, June 20, 2011 12:29 AM

The Time had come and the opening ceremonies for Canobie’s latest addition, the first coaster in 18 years, and the tallest coaster to debuted in New England in 9 years; Untamed was opening to the public. I left early to get a friend and arrived at the park at 10 or 10. I had to get signed in and get my tickets and passes for the VIP entrance. I was actually invited off of 2 lists to the media event one through ACE and the other Through NEAAPA. The rest of my group was stuck in traffic so I don’t get into the park till 10:30 by that time the opening ceremonies were just about over. But I was there for the ribbon cutting and the first 2 cars.

The very first goal was to get my friend under cover one bonus of being a VIP was we were able to congregate under one of the catering tents. This worked out well for my friend since she was in a wheel chair and would not be riding Untamed. I then made my way, camera tucked under my rain coat, to the side of the coaster to watch the first 2 cars go through the circuit. After that the lines dropped and I was instructed to hop in line after an employee saw my badge. I ended up in the queue and standing in the rain as a few VIPs road and they did a few circuits to video the coaster. I was able to video tape one car being taken off the track. God call since this allowed them to remove the camera without drastically holding up the ride. Now that all was set I quickly moved forward to the station.

The ride station in stunning, it is, in my mind, easily the best themed and looking station in New England and easily one of the best period. Some features include granite steps for the entrance queue, Wood railings, carved bears line the posts, Antler chandlers provide the station lights, and A bear bust hangs mounted on the wall, after a bit of checking I confirmed this was the bear that hung for years at the Policy long flume. The attention to detail doesn’t end there: Birch themed supports, Dark green track, Landscaping galore. The park is even rehabbing their old mall building to the Bear Lodge to fit the coasters theme

Untamed is very good coaster. The vertical lift over positive g’s throughout the 72 ft hill. After cresting the top you are ejected from your seat and stay in the air until you glide back down as the Bear themed car swoops along the base of the drop. The ride is full of positive and negative G’s as you go through the 3 inversion and a number of twists and turns. The loop is large offering a great floating experience. The Immelmann Is a great maneuver though it’s more of a cut back (Ala Drachn Fire) then a traditional Half loop corkscrew/barrel roll Immelmann. The barrel roll which is taken high after a high banked turn is a great air time experience. The coaster ends with a downwards turn into an upwards helix up onto the brake run.

After my first ride I made my way out the exit along the long ramp which crosses under the brake run. A new path guides you around the back of the coaster and to the newly renamed Bear lodge. As a first rider you were instructed to go to the booth were you got a VFRC(very First Riders Club) T-shirt, a certificate indicating your status as a VFR, a VFRC card and a Complimentary Ticket to Screeemfest the parks Halloween event. The lodge was crowded since it was one of the few dry locations in the park, and he closest to Untamed.

I made my way back to the VIP tent and met up with my group. The park was offering press kits with custom folders, magnets and pencils. There were a few snack items and soda available as well. While there I did get a small snack. Talked to a few of the managers, and talked among the Whalom Program members that were at the event. I talked with Carl Berni one of the parks owners who was standing next to a member of the Gerstlauer family. I was able to give my impression of the ride and expressed my desire to see a polyp, perhaps at Canobie. Carl and I also talked about Matterhorn style rides and their desire to possibly bring one back to the park.

I took a second ride on untamed but this time I used the VIP entrance, which is basically an employee stair way. One this I liked about the operation all day was employees were taking loot items at the car. Not once did a guest walk through drop it off and get back on. This drastically sped up loading time. Each car had it’s own plastic bin and as you got off they said what number bin you were. It worked well. My second ride was in the front seat. Seeing everything is always a joy and if you can snag an outer seats you looking more to the ground since the track is pretty much under the middle 2 seats.

When I fort checked the weather was expected to lighten up in the morning but it was just not happening, my friend, a coupe ACE members, Members of the New Whalom Park project and myself opted to go to Portofino’s and warm up. Those who wanted to eat ate and we had a quick meeting. From there it was time to despite the wet weather explore the park. See Andrew Probert, a Former Disney Imaginer and Hollywood artist is the designer for New Whalom Park. He had ever been to Canobie so this was a perfect opportunity to show him around.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011 12:45 PM

I met you that day. (The dude wearing the black hooded sweatshirt power riding!) I ended up getting 60 laps on the thing.

Untamed is so slick!

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

Monday, June 27, 2011 9:40 PM

Glad you were able to get so many rides. it was great meeting you and talking in line despite the rain.

Next trip is on Thursday with the other 2 Untamed VIP tickets.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 2:21 PM

THE photo gallery is finally built and ready to be viewed. as always you can click the thumbnails to see a bigger version of the image. Opening Day

Hope you all enjoy!


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