Canobie Lake Park Show trip

Having a ticket I had to use before it expired a made a lastminute trip up to Canobie. It was Sunday, hot (nearly90), and very sunny. Iwanted to get to the park to see Matt Lewis who Plays Elvis. He has returnedafter producing the shows and playing Elvis in 2005. so I got an early startand made it to the park at 11:15 after a couple stops.

I can in from the back side wish was lucky since there seemed to be alot of traffic coming in from the Mass side of the road.

As I entered they had an employee directing guest to theticket booth or reminding guest that have tickets to head right in. as Ientered I took a left. I watched a couple people play the new paintball game.While I personally would never pay 5 dollars to shoot paintballs at targets thenew game seemed to be very popular throughout the game. Much more popular thenthe old golf put game that used to reside there.

The ride is always fun and some effects were working again which is goodto see. But the ride could use some TLC and the ending water effect has not workedin a long time. It would be a perfect place for a new effect to surprise theguests.

Through out the day I only hit a few ride. My main goal wasto hit the shows. I hit Mine of Lost Souls, corkscrew, Boston Harbor Patrol,Skater, Star blaster, Zero Gravity x 2, Dragon Coaster, Twistn’ shout(tilt),Wipe out, and Cannonball. Pirata, Xtreme Frisbee and Davinci’s Dream were downfor the day. I did see a lot of test runs on Frisbee but it never opened.

The Shows

Long Live the King – Simon Will Productions featuringMatt Lewis
I watched the show twice and the show waspacked both times.

Divas of Pop - Simon Will Productions featuring Joelle G.
This was the big show for the Midway stage. The Showconsisted of one key singer and background dancers. The dancers also performedin the Jackson/Elvis show. The songs were form female artist that are popularright now; Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga. Beyoncé, and TaylorSwift. Over all it was a good show and the lead singer had a good voice. Therewas plenty of energy with a good turnout. The Audience seemed to enjoy theshow. Though I will admit I hate Beyonce’s Ring on It and I’m not all thatfound of Lady Gaga but over all enjoyed the show.

A Tribute to Tim and Faith - Simon Will Productionsfeaturing Tim Hair and Landri Taylor Mitchell
I took some time after the show to talk to Landri show played faith. Timwho played Tim had to leave, medical reasons.

Wildlife Encounters – Granite State Zoo
It was a very enjoyableshow and I wish the granite stage zoo luck in their efforts to build a zoo inNH.

Simon Will productions will be handling aPrince Tribute show during Screeemfest and I hope that is not the end of hisinvolvement with the park. I really hope to see shows of this caliber nextyear.

Half way through the day I got a call from Scott, I know him through the Whalom Park Project was at the park with him family. It gave us a chance to talk about the upcoming meeting and a bit more about the fundraising plans. I also updated him on the bumper car body for the museum, I will be cleaning it soon.

A finished my night with them. We had Dinner at the Trellis.Scott was nice enough to buy me Dinner; Burger, onion rings and a soda refill.That saved me around 7-8 dollars. At the end of the day we could Fried Doughand drinks. 4 fried dough’s, 1 bottled water, one drink and a Soda refill wasjust under $27 Dollars.

I have one ticket left andwill go at the beginning of October and with any lick towards the end of theseason. The day only had 2 problems. One the fried dough stand screwed up avery simple order and refused to refill my drink which I have done at thislocation before. The other has to do with end of day procedure and security.

Think it this was not done in the past youwere allowed to finish your food and make your way out at the end of the day aslong as you were in the front of the park it was not a concern. Thy also forceyou out the main gate and will not let guest over to the rest room instructingeveryone leaving to use to 2 ( one mans, one womans) that are outside the gate.

I was sent to customer service.I told then what was up, they looked I said it wouldn’t be there since it wasonly left behind a couple minute and would e at the trellis. So the girl atcustomer service said “go get it.” Started to and the lady at the security gateyelled at me to stop. So I had to wait while she called another security memberto go to the trellis, find it and bring it over. I was happy to get the backpack and happy they took care of it. But one of the many security members inthe front of the park could have walked me over faster.

Photos coming soon

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here is a small photo gallery from nearly all of Canobie's Shows.!/album.php?aid=202166&id=591859751&ref=mf

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