Canobie Lake Park Opening Day 2012

The time had come for Canobie lake park to pen for its 110 season. I managed to get to the park at 10:00 am just in time for the park's opening. I made my way to customer service and bought 3 tickets one for today and 2 more to use later in the year. They were at a discounted rate of $25 dollars. Standard adult admission for 2012 is $33 dollars. While personally I am crying for a season pass. The opening day price was not slowing any sales. I saw many people getting 6-12 passes at $25 a pop.

I worked my way into the park and noticed 2 of the Canobie Critters greeting guests. They had nearly all of them out and about throughout the day. I also noticed that they replaced the Michael Jackson statue with a Lady Gaga statue to promote the upcoming show. Like the Jackson statue it got a lot of attention and many were taking the opportunity to snap a photo with family and friends.

The day was clear and sunny but very cold. Not too bad in the sun but get in the shade and it was very bitter. Crowds were very light compared to the last few years when we saw nicer weather on opening day.

Today's ride count
X4 - Untamed
X3 - Cannonball,
X2 - Mine of Lost Souls & Star Blaster
X1 - DaVinci's Dream, Skater, Phycodrom, Caterpillar, Ocean Trip, Train, Turkish Twist, Frisbee, Rowdy Roosters, Wave Blaster, Crazy cups, and Pirata

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Must've missed you.

I too was there openind day (see TR).

PLUS I snagged a job there for the season on the grounds crew.

Send me a PM. Maybe we can meet up sometime in the season or do a day a SFNE.

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ya, I kept an eye out for any one I had seen in years past. most of the day I ended up in a group of Canobie fan members.

So if we upload photo to our own site do I have to upload then all to say photo bucket to share them here. All I can share here is a TR. No photos. Os even If I post all the text it's still a partial version of what I created. Should I upload all the images separately to Photo bucket and link that? How Should I proceed in the event share any future Trip here?

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Four months later...

You can upload pictures in the Day in Pictures forum.

I look in on anything I posted to and on my posted trip reports. when I see no posts I have no good reason to open the thread. It's pointless to read my own report and it adds false hits to the read count.

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Why? I always inflate my own hit count to make it seem like I write the can't-miss story of the century. Priming the pump, ya know?

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I don't think I've ever taken a look at the "views" number on any thread. Sometime I look at replies in a news thread before I open it to see if it generated conversation or dead ended, but never views. On the plus side, this TR just got some more views and replies.

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Yes the views count has hot up.

Like you pointed out I look for replies. If I see no replies I move on.

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