Canobie Lake Park Opening Day 2011 TR

Canobie Lake Park Opening Day 2011 PTR

2 ofthe Canobie critters were out greeting guests. Gate also opened a little early.
The trackwas installed for the station to the lift. The vertical lift was installed aswell as most of the drop. They were installing the top section of drop track aswe arrived.
There will be a greater focus on food in the buildingwith a possible removal and rebuild of what is now the Gables grill
There was also a new Food cart selling Roastbeef. This will be used until a permanent building is added next year.
16 minutes later the coaster was toped andUntamed was well under way.
So a kiddie ride was my first ride of the day.I brought the kids around the kiddie land while waiting for their parents afterthey got back it was my turn.

Ride count
Dragon Coaster X4
Jump around X2
The rest of the ride I hit only once.
Cannonball (back seat), Mine of lost souls, Corkscrew, BostonHarbor Patrol. Over the rainbow, sky ride, star blaster, Zero Gravity, WipeOut, Phycodrome, and caterpillar.
In all it was a great day. It was on the colder side andthat kept crowds low. But many stopped by to buy discounted tickets to uselater in the way. I got a chance to talk with Carl Berni and Chris Nicli beforeleaving for the day. Everyone is excited about the new coaster and there willbe a media day for the coaster.
This should be an exciting year for Canobie.

Read the full report here: New_Whalom_Park/canobie opening 2011[/url=""][/URL=][URL][URL][url][url]

View Images of Untamed's Construction, Canobie Critters, rides, and 2011 changes from this trip here: Canobie Lake Park opening 2011/

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