Canobie Lake Park July 17 2010

The day included morningERT on Corkscrew and Min of Lost Souls, the parks dark ride.

We talked about park employeepast and present as well as talked about the owners of the park. It waspleasure to talk to an employee with such love for the park.

I had expected to get a phone call so I walked over to thepicnic ground and looked to see if the ACE group was still there. The employeeat the entrance was nice enough to let me in so I could check in. I spent sometime there talking to the other ACE members that were in attendance and tookthe opportunity to get a nice shot of cannonballs fist drop on an angle youcan’t get inside the park.

through October.

Theshow covered some of his biggest hits with thriller having the best reactionfrom the packed ball room.

There was an extra charge for asecond package of dressing.

After dinner it was off to hit rides and fill the rest ofthe night. After riding cannonball I split up for a while to get some video ofthe park rehabbed Ferris wheel. It Know sports LEDs and an amazing light show.The rehab was a great move it was an attraction of its own with many standingaround watching it.

the Carousel was the last rideof the night. I was happy to see the band organ back up and running. I alsonoticed the carousel main arms for the Jumpers were either majorly rehabbed orreplaced. Glad to see the parks oldest ride getting some love. Now if they canjust remove the rug form the platform.

Most of the ACErs that started the day meet up at the end ofthe day at the entrance plaza before leaving. In all it was a great day withHeavy but manageable crowds. I had expected it to be much worse. All rides wereopen and employees were great.

Ride count
Skater 1, Davinci’s Dream 2, Caterpillar 1, PhycoDrome 1,Flume 1, Antique cars 1, Blue Heron Lake Crouse 1, Turkish twist 1, Sky ride 1,Train 1, Star blaster 1, Cannonball 3, Carousel 1.

The photo gallery from this trip is up and running. Click on the images to make then larger and get more info on the image.

Canobie July Trip photo Gallery

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