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Monday, August 25, 2003 6:17 PM
Well for the first time I decided I wasn't going to force myself to ride everything...In Fact I didnt even ride that many rides...Good Day but the park was PACKED

Got to the park @ opening (noon) and got in...

First ride...Log Flume 9/10...I love this ride...very relaxing and short line @ 12pm

Then Timber Splash Watercoaster...7/10...Ususally has a huge line and It was early so we went on it...I did the wetter side (right) and I got more wet then i would if i rode Boston Tea Party...I was soaked...and was soaked for a good 2 hours...Thank God i put my cell in my shoe or i would of been screwed...

Then we went on Mind Of lost souls which usually has a long line but again it was early so the line was short and i took advantage...9/10...Great dark ride...

This is when I decided I didnt want to ride everything today. The line for Pirata was like 20 mins and the park was getting packed...So we walked around and waited 15 mins for Corkscrew...7/10...Nice new paint job and somewhat painful ride.

We kept checking the line for Rockin' Rider but it was always atleast an hour and no way would I wait that long so didnt get to ride it...Went to Starblaster 9/10 and met a coaster enthusiast in line and we talked...He doesnt come to this site though...Cool guy though...Starblaster was great and intense as usual.

Round Up: 7/10...Very fun...was down last year but has reopened and running better then ever...

DaVincis dream was closed and its the newest ride @ the park so I was upset...My assumption is the wind sunday messed the ride up because a whole bunch of swings were all tangled together...Looked beutiful though...Went on the Sky Ride which was cool and then went to the new Casino...Very cool and I usually hate this kinda thing. Stood near Boston Tea Party and it still looks awsome...and then...

YANKEE CANNONBALL...Longest line i've ever seen...we waited an hour but it was well worth it...Last seat and Wow...GREAT ride...No trims for anyone who thinks there are any and the only bad thing..One train op. They need that other train! its there and covered but why isnt it used? And how do they put it on the track when they need it?? ride was 10/10...My 3rd favorite coaster behind Superman and Montu...

Then walked around and last ride was Dragon Coaster...6/10...Great ride for what it was...and it launches very quickly...

Park: 9/10...Great atmosphere and very clean...Looked beutiful..I love the fountains and themeing on rides...Packed with people though

Food: 7/10...I actually like SFNE's food better then a 16oz. of soda is $2.35 which is pricey for that tiny cup..I payed another $3 for a cheesburger that looked like it came from the cafedizzle @ my school...But also got Dippin Dots which were awsome and a Stuffed Jalepeno (sp) pretzel which was great...

Rides: 9/10...great classic selection except Newest ride closes as was Kosmo Jet and @ noon Starblaster was closed according to papers @ the Addmission area but the ride was appearantly repaied thank god...and also I was on Sky ride and Baloon Race was open...But it closed when I got off sky ride and it was closed the rest of the day...I still havnt rode the damn thing...

Thats basically it...Great relaxing day...I only go once a year and today was from 12-6. SFNE is now my home park and im starting to like it a little more than Canobie...

#1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!! My top 7 coasters:
1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Montu 3. Yankee Cannonball 4. Kumba 5. Gwazi 6. Cyclone (SFNE) 7. B:DK
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Monday, August 25, 2003 6:30 PM
Ride of Steel's avatar Glad to hear you had fun! I wish I was closer to parks so I could go more often and just relax. The ski season is just around the corner so I'm excited, I get 4 days a week skiing instead of coasters where its 4 days a year.


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Monday, August 25, 2003 6:48 PM
cool, I went on yankee cannoball begin of year, i got front row seat and was first ride after 2 years.( I cried of enjoyment). Its werid but if not not a ce then you usually dont go to canobie park(general public think canobie is a kiddie park)
1. how many times have you been to the park this year.
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great time, Good thing to relax, i usually go one time and try to rush everything in and stay from 12 to 9.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003 1:21 PM

MikeMir87 said:

DaVincis dream was closed and its the newest ride @ the park so I was upset...My assumption is the wind sunday messed the ride up because a whole bunch of swings were all tangled together...Looked beutiful though...

I was there on Friday, prior to your visit, and DaVinci's Dream was closed also. The swings were not tangled from the wind, but rather they seemed to be "tangled" on purpose to make room for the lift that was parked beneath the ride. Does anyone know what is wrong with it and if it will reopen soon? It is a beautiful ride, and the landscaping is lovely. It was especially pretty to see at night with its lights against the lakefront.


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