Canobie lake Park (5/29) Rainy but short lines

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005 11:59 PM
This Sunday me and my brother went to Canobie Lake Park(Salem, New Hampshire) at 4pm. It was raining today so lines will be walk ons and we were right and looked like all the rides were open since cannonball was open. I’m not going to rate rides, You want to hear stuff about the park so that’s mostly what this is about and what I ate.

Wipeout: It was my first time on one of these rides and I thought it was very cool yet painful when it started not tilting since it was going faster and faster. It seemed to be a long time for the attendant to check everyone. The words wipeout from the beach boys song wipeout.

Yankee Cannonball: Went once in the rain while in the middle, in front, and three seats in the back. I think I like the front a lot more since you soar over the hills and get much more airtime while in the back you get speed down the hills, I thought there was a whip like affect but I did not feel it the back. The line was like 2 to 4 trains long from when I was there. I think it got retracked this year with some new wood.

Crazy Cups: This ride has the cups going in figure eights so it may seem like they will hit. There was no top. It’s probably one of my favorite tea cup rides. It looks small and kiddy but I think it is quite fun.

Matterhorn: Once. When did it used to go backwards? Tiki Maze: None. Name changed in order to theme with wipeout Dodgem: Went on about 7 times with 5 of them consecutively. Love the smell of fireworks.

Roundup: Once. New straps. I think yellow color was painted on.

Star blaster:Two. Once it did not even finish the recording. Was the ending something new “ have a great time at Canobie lake park”.

Antique Cars: Once. Guy said no stopping but I tried to actually steer the thing around corners. Had to slow down, but was fun since no cars were behind me.

Sky Ride: Once.

Caterpillar: Once and Velcro straps were new or I least I think and also top was working.

Da Vinci’s Dream: Once in rain and not.

Boston Tea Party: Once.

Turkish Twist: Twice, Once to dry off.

Corkscrew: Four. Went in front three times and back once and three were consecutively. Love the back since you get speed down the hill. We went the second time and no one was on, weird to be the only ones on.

Pirate Ship: Once

Mine of the lost souls(Policy Mines, I believe): We were a little off when we departed. Everything that was not sensor activated was off

Policy Pond Saw Mill: Two times. That’s the official name of the ride. There was an added phone booth; both times my brother flashed the camera. It’s over near where the ring through metal frame used to be.

Timber Splash water coaster: Two. Both sides. 5 years since last rode. Saw signs near the beginning of the ride “wet and wetter”. That’s a long wait.

Castaway Island: Went on at 6:30 since it said it closes at 7pm, I’m not sure if that’s everyday, I don’t think so. Once you enter the rumbling on the floor of the volcano is cool. I went on one of the slides and got stuck and my brother got stuck too but in a closed one. The high one was not working. Went on the second Highest. The ride is huge and looks like everything is working except for the bucket on top, was dumping 1/8 of it only. I will still go on it, just not the slides that are long in length. Btw I’m 5’11 245.

Canobie 360: Once. I was surprised at how my car goes, best of all no steering involved.

Galaxy: Closed and sold, it is not even on the parks website or map.

If ride is not mentioned, then I did not go on or no news, Great day except for rain and was cold.

Food:Pizza Ria: Two slices, triangle, pretty good.International food Plaza: Toasted roast beef sub with lettuce, mayo, chips and a pickle, large drink.Lumber Jacks Ice cream: One of the best ice creams I’ve had, was loaded with toppings, no ice cream to be seen, Soft choclate with snikers and hard choclate with malt ball topping.

Questions:Boston Tea Party: What is the deal with the cover on the hill? Yankee Cannonball: When there ever two trains running?

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